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Mar 15, 2007 09:49 AM


We were given a gift certificate for this restaurant. The archived posts say it's a pretty okay place to eat. Does anyone have any caveats or recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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  1. We've been to Messis quite alot. It's a comfortable room, very neighborhood-y and the food is quite good. Notable are the rack of lamb and the cornish hen. My husband is partial to their steak. I think they serve the best ice cream in the city (Lindt milk chocolate is incredible). In the summer they have one of the nicest covered patios in the city. Service is generally very good, especially if you have Martin as a waiter. Weekends can feel rushed.

    1. Messis is an excellent resto. If you are just going to use the certificate any old time, wait until a nice day in the early summer when you can sit on the patio. It is AWESOME.

      1. What a coincidence that you asked about Messis as yesterday when I was thinking about Splendido (which is close by) thought that Messis is rarely mentioned here. We also went because we were given a gift certificate. I had the rack of lamb but don't recall what my wife ate. We sat on the patio, and since it was late September the propane heaters were used to keep it warm. I recall the food to be quite ordinary, but noticed that the restaurant was packed and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Our bill was around $180, and I didn't find the food justified the final price. I'd rather pay more and go across the street, but I'm sure many people enjoy it.

        1. When you're in the neighbourhood, check out the restaurant "93 Harbord" (yes, it's their address AND name). Another amazing place.

          1. I have always found the food to be consistently good and the prices reasonable. Messis is one of those neighbourhood places that quietly serves up quality food without drawing too much attention to itself - I guess that is why it isn't mentioned on here more often. I am surprised that dinner for two cost FoodyDudley $180 - that has not been my experience. Appetizers are usually under $10 and mains are $15 - $25. Check out their website at The blueberry/white chocolate strudel is amazing and a deal at $7.