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Mar 15, 2007 09:42 AM

Would I be crazy if.....

...I tried to get into Dick and Jenny's this Saturday night?? I'm in town from Saturday 5pm or so till (ridicously) early Wednesday. So far I have Nola on Monday night and Brigtsen's on Tuesday. We'll hit Acme and Commanders for lunch monday and tuesday, cafe du monde for breakfast every morning. Sunday is wide open----moderately priced suggestions are welcome----but Saturday I'm a bit indecisive.

Any comments or suggestions??

I promise a trip report.

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  1. Not crazy. Just be prepared to relax on their patio for up to two hours with a nice bottle of wine. The earlier you get there, the shorter the wait.

    1. I agree. Just wait like everyone else and enjoy a good bottle of wine. If you are solo or with only one other person, it would be much faster. Sunday evenings are a bit tougher but Upperline is open.

      1. i didn't believe it until i visited, both the house wines are awesome. also, if you want, you can sit at the bar. i wish we had because the dining room was a little too dim to take pictures of the great food.