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Mar 15, 2007 09:38 AM

Eritrean Food

I have always been a lover of Ethiopian food, but last night was my first introduction to Eritrean food. I'm not sure I could honestly tell the difference, but I would reccomend the place I went to anyone.

It was called Dahlak, down on Ranier, behind the Oberto store.
Anyone know of any other Eritrean restaurants?

I reccomend the Kitfo--raw ground beef, drenched in butter and you roll it up with some cheese and injera (pancake/bread stuff)

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  1. The main difference should be that unlike Ehtiopea, Erithrea has a sea access. Hence availability of seafood.

    1. it's my understanding that much food that has been simply referred to in america as ethiopian food was actually eritrean in origin. i base this on a conversation i had with an eritrean cab driver. i think most of the stewy dishes (wots) are eritrean while most of the drier meat preperations (tibs) are ethiopian. i could be wrong though. please correct me if so. it's very difficult to find detailed info about east african food in the states, but it's just about my favorite. we ate at lalibela today. if you haven't been there it's the best 'ethiopian' i've had in seattle. i'll have to try dahlak. any other suggestions for ethiopian/eritrean?