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Where can you get the best in NYC?

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  1. I have yet to find a trully greay Crab Cake in NYC. I have stopped ordering this $14 appetizer that is usually more corn and breadcrumbs than crab.

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      i agree...i love crabcakes, but in NYC they are almost always a disappointing waste of money: lots of filler and often a (trage)comically small portion...i was appalled a couple months ago when i ordered a 12 dollar crabcake appetizer and got a single silver dollar-sized crabcake that wasn't even made w/ backfin meat (just stringy claw meat w/ lots of bread and lots of salt - yuck)...for contrast, i just got back from a trip to Virginia where a huge seafood platter included a huge succulent backfin crabcake (in addition to a small mountain of oysters, scallops, a fish filet, and clams, plus two sides -- for 24 dollars)...

      but, i'm game to try the P.J.Clarke's one that Mickey mentions below...

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        Princeofpork, where was your $12 crabcake (so I can avoid)

    2. I've had MANY crab cakes in my life, from places through out the city, and the one that I would say is the BEST in the city is the one at PJ Clarkes ( http://www.pjclarkes.com/) .
      It has almost NO filler what so ever! And there big too :-)

      1. Shelly's. The only place in Manhattan where I found a good one.

        On LI:

        Star Bogs - Westhampton
        Bayview Inn - Jamesport

        1. Atlantic Grill on 3rd and 77th has great crab cakes.

          1. keen's has a fantastic crabcake

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                I hate to admit it but I have to agree. Went there with my visiting parents last summer and we tried the crab cakes. Very meaty, good flavor and not much filler. Who would have thunk it! My parents are coming back to NYC for Easter and my dad's request is to go back to the Boathouse for crabcakes. Hope they are still as good as last summers.

              2. Houstons does NOT have great crabcakes. It has mediocre expensive ones though

                1. Del Frisco's has a great crabcake.

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                    Del Frisco's might be the best crabcake I've ever had. Absolutely no breading or filler. Yum!

                  2. My personal fave crab cake is le gigot. No filler, very little "sauce", oodles of delicious crab. I've been known to double up and have one as an appetizer and two as my entree. Good times.

                    1. Agree with P.J. Clarkes and sort of Del Frisco's. My absolute fave is Tabla's though. Like the other good crabcakes, very little filler and very interestingly spiced, but not so much that the crabby nuances can't come through.

                      1. The crab cake question seems to be a recurring theme. So for the benefit of those who use the search function, I'll also put my vote in for Le Gigot.. I grew up on crab on the Georgia Coast, and I can without hesitation say that le Gigot is beyond any crabcake I have ever seen. ZERO filler-just crab, some red onion, seasoning, bound together with mayonnaise, browned on each side in vegetable oil and finished in the oven. (it was so good I asked for the recipe, they even told me the seasoning, but I don't want to give it all away)

                        1. I think City Crab has the closest to a MD crab cake I have had in NYC, very tasty.

                          1. A few days ago I stepped into Westville in the East Village for lunch. I had earlier passed by it several times. I live only a few blocks away. It was always packed to the gills with beautiful people in snug clothing. When I went to Westville for lunch on a weekday it was sparsely populated. I had the crabcake burger. I loved it. I hadn't had a million crabcakes or even a hundred before, but this one was the best that far. Sweet and savory. The crust rightly charred. Now I am not sure if it was all crab meat or crab meat adulterated with bread crumbs. Is there someone else here who has been to Westville and had the crabcake? If so, do you agree with me about the relative superiority of the crabcake there? Am I a consummate or at least a potential crabcake connosieur?

                            1. I enjoy the crabcakes from Acme on Great Jones street, but would smuggle in my own dipping sauce if I could, as I don't enjoy cocktail sauce and their crab seasoning mayo tends to be a bit too salty

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                                Just had the best crab cake I ever had at the Central Park Boathouse. Pure lump crab, amazing

                                Central Park Boathouse
                                Central Park East Drive E 72nd St, New York, NY 10021

                              2. Much to my surprise, the ones at The Palm are really good, big chunks of crab and a mango salsa on the side.

                                1. There are some marginally acceptable crabcakes to be found in NYC if you need a fix, and I suppose the CP boathouse ones would qualify, maybe a couple of the steakhouses (Del Friscos are ok), and the adulterated ones at Tabla, etc (I don't think things like mango salsa or goan spices really belong with a true crabcake). But all these tend to come up a bit shy of perfection in one way or another. So a few years ago I started ordering delivery from crabcakeexpress.com. You get them the next day, throw them in a pan, and in 5 minutes you have true perfection.

                                  1. I also cast my vote for Le Gigot.

                                    Le Gigot
                                    18 Cornelia Street, New York, NY 10014