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Mar 15, 2007 09:24 AM


Where can you get the best in NYC?

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  1. I have yet to find a trully greay Crab Cake in NYC. I have stopped ordering this $14 appetizer that is usually more corn and breadcrumbs than crab.

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    1. re: princeofpork

      i agree...i love crabcakes, but in NYC they are almost always a disappointing waste of money: lots of filler and often a (trage)comically small portion...i was appalled a couple months ago when i ordered a 12 dollar crabcake appetizer and got a single silver dollar-sized crabcake that wasn't even made w/ backfin meat (just stringy claw meat w/ lots of bread and lots of salt - yuck)...for contrast, i just got back from a trip to Virginia where a huge seafood platter included a huge succulent backfin crabcake (in addition to a small mountain of oysters, scallops, a fish filet, and clams, plus two sides -- for 24 dollars)...

      but, i'm game to try the P.J.Clarke's one that Mickey mentions below...

      1. re: Simon

        Princeofpork, where was your $12 crabcake (so I can avoid)

    2. I've had MANY crab cakes in my life, from places through out the city, and the one that I would say is the BEST in the city is the one at PJ Clarkes ( .
      It has almost NO filler what so ever! And there big too :-)

      1. Shelly's. The only place in Manhattan where I found a good one.

        On LI:

        Star Bogs - Westhampton
        Bayview Inn - Jamesport

        1. Atlantic Grill on 3rd and 77th has great crab cakes.

          1. keen's has a fantastic crabcake