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Mar 15, 2007 09:23 AM

Impossible Pie

I've just heard of the "impossible pie" and I'm wondering if anyone has ever made one. From what I gather, making an impossible pie involves simply mixing a bunch of ingredients in a bowl, pouring the mixture into a prepared pie plate, and baking. In the oven, somehow a crust (or semblance thereof) will form. Impossible pies can be either main dishes or desserts. The idea intrigues me, but I'm wondering if something so simple can actually taste good. Has anyone had any experience with these?

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  1. Do you mean the Bisquick recipes? They are good, but I put in more cheese than they ask for. The ones I've tried come out like crustless quiches.

    1. I've made an impossible/mock cobbler numerous times. You mix up a batter basically and pour it in. The filling goes on top of the batter (which is thick enough that the stuff doesn't sink). During baking, the batter rises and covers the filling. The "crust" is not flaky. It has more of the consistency of muffins/cornbread/biscuits.

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        You could also make a clafouti-- put cut fruit in the pie pan and pour the batter over.

      2. This came up recently on another thread and I hadn't thought about it in years. My mother occasionally made Impossible Cheeseburger Pie.

        Here's a link to the Bisquick Impossibly Easy Pies (who knew there were so many?).

        1. I just made a zucchini one, for the first time since the 70s. I used to like it, but I kept thinking "This would be better as a creamy, cheesy quiche". Similar but very bready. You have to make it with Bisquick, it's a copyrighted recipe of theirs. Makes a nice bread for the breadbasket though.

          1. Years ago, a friend of mine with very limited cooking skills proudly showed me how to make an "impossible pie." All the ingredients went into a blender and then into a pie pan. No Bisquick was involved. This was a dessert pie; it did in fact separate into a crust layer and a custardy filling layer. I remember it as being reasonably tasty. She gave me the recipe, which I've had on file for years, but I don't think I was ever inspired to actually bake one myself.