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Mar 15, 2007 08:57 AM

Carb filled Meal in DC

Tis the night before Passover and I am looking for a place to go for a carb filled dinner with friends. Any recommendations? I am thinking a good Italian or Thai restaurant that is not too over priced.

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  1. Seems you want to go somewhere with bread, pasta, flour based cakes maybe Dino :)

    I hate passover week- it makes me feel like a rock. BTW- if you aren't super strict on your Kosher for Passover routine- like if it can come from a non Kosher restaurant- Dino is doing the first 3 nights with a special menu for those of us in the tribe who need KFP meals.

    1. gotta go to il radicchio in arlington. its all you can eat spaghetti, and then you buy tureens of sauces to go with it-- its absolutely delicious, and theyve got a bunch of different sauces. each order of spaghetti costs around 6$ and the sauces range from 2-5$ each. its a great bargain. i took some friends there before the army-navy marathon and it was packed. its a fun place, too.

      1. Filomena in Georgetown is a great pasta place; huge portions. there's always Maggiano's or Buca di Bepo if you want to go all out with family-style Italian.