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Where can I buy passion fruit in San Diego?

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Looking for passion fruit in San Diego. Even passion fruit puree or juice would work to make the sauce for a special dessert. Any ideas?

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  1. I have seen it at Wholefoods, Ralphs, Lucky Seafood, Jimbos etc.

    1. Add Northgate to the list, I've seen passion fruit there as well

      1. we have seen them for $6.00 - $7.00 a pound at the Solana Beach farmers market last sunday

        1. What's the best way you have found to juice these things? I love the flavor, but there isn't much juice in each fruit - I'm wondering about the most efficient way to get it out.

          Totally aside - Trader Joes sells a fantastic Passionfruit sorbet, if you want the flavor without the hassle!

          1. I'm sure I've seen it at Specialty Produce in the Morena/USD area. Though they cater to the food service industry, they also will sell directly to consumers. In fact you don't even have to buy a whole flat of produce like I had originally thought. Just pick out what you want out of their huge walk-ins and they'll ring you right up.

            It's fun to go through their walk-ins and see for yourself large quantities of otherwise hard-to-find or exotic ingredients.