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Mar 15, 2007 08:46 AM

French Bistro ??? Thornhill to Toronto

Looking for a fair priced not over the top but decent french cuisine restaurant for a quiet sitdown dinner for two. Going out this Friday evening.

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  1. Batifole on Gerrard East. Numerous positive reviews on this board. But you may not be able to get reservations for this Friday. Good luck!

    1. If you are looking for something nicer in a nicer hood, Pastis is always a great spot for good food and romance.

      1. Batifole is great, definitely requires reservations, but it is not at all quiet. My husb and I were nearly yelling across our little table, and not because we were fighting. Small room, no sound absorbtion at all. One large party (as were there the night we were there) and the place can be deafening. It's a shame really. I loved the food, but he won't return for the noise.

        Avant Gout would likely be quieter and they have an amazing creme brule. Although I saw a recent poster had some service issues there not too long ago.

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            Ooh. No, no. Terrible food. Couldn't in good conscience recommend Le Select.

          2. La Palette (sp?) in the Market is pretty good. actually really damn good.

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              Never had a meal at La Palette, but on a side note, I heard an interview this morning on CBC with one of the owners, Shamez Amlani (sp?) regarding a "Quit Driving Challenge" posed to Toronto area residents. The winner will receive a TTC pass, a bicycle and I believe a gift certificate to dine at their restaurant. The challenge was placed in response to the Canadian Cancer Society's "Driven to Quit Challenge" where the winner will get a new car.

              Makes me want to try this place. Like their thinking...