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Mar 15, 2007 08:30 AM

Do Chowhounders need the 12-step program?

I am addicted to eating out ! There, I said it. I find myself thinking about where, what and how I am going to strike next. A new place, an old place, take out, eat in, comfort, ethnic, junk food, healthy.... I realize suddenly... Is this healthy??? Literally ??? I start thinking... and it snowballs (I was gong to say mushrooms, but it shows my addiction again). Do I need a new hobby ? One that won't drain my wallet ? I have to force myself to stay in an cook a meal (and I love to cook!). But by Wednesdays, the anticipation builds. I start searching and planning and checking the websites for recommendations. On Thusdays, I hit a local haunt to get prepped. Fridays I hit town. Saturday is lunch somewhere, Sunday.. and nice early dinner. I've tried to break this because its breaking my bank account. I don't always adhere to said 4 day eat-out rituals, because the mortgage comes due once a month. But in checking here, I realize some dine out more than me. How do you afford it ?? Even take out at Carls , Domenics, etc. and run some bucks. And then, my mind wanders about what my CH compatriats look like. Are they heavy with slow metabolisms? Are they skinny and eat out every night without gaining weight? Do the binge, harbor secret desires, have strange food riturals? Then I laugh at myself.... I think I need to apply as a "phantom" to support my habit.

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  1. "Under the tyranny of the stomach, we are all of us, beasts and men alike, ogres. The dignity of labor, the joy of life, maternal affection, the terrors of death: all these do not count, the main point is that the morsel be tender and savory."
    -- Farbre

    1. What you've described isn't chowhounding, so I'd say "no".

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        Sounds interesting...Can you explain?

      2. If you need to save money but need your restaurant fix, go for breakfasts and lunches. It costs a lot less. I find that if I eat out once in a day I either take food home and eat it later or am too full to eat anything else. But there is something so much fun about going out: The anticipation, the experience and the review. But 12-Step recovery? No thanks. Life has to have some joy in it.

        1. i've been there. the only thing that worked for me was finding another career/life/town. of course i still eat well, just much less.