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Mar 15, 2007 08:13 AM

NYC Visitor: Susur or Chiado?

We’ll be visiting from NYC and have only 1 weekend night, a Friday, for a nice fine dining. Budget is not an issue and we like places that have delicious offerings and good service – anything from nouveau over-the-top type dining to country rustic plates.

A quick research has narrowed our choice to either:

Susur - while not an overly enthusiatic fan of Asian fusion (that’s what I think this restaurant is all about, somebody please correct me if I’m wrong) I find this intriguing, well reviewed and, admittedly, has some tempting menu selection when I looked up their website; and

Chiado – There are enough Portuguese restaurants in the NY metro area with lots of bad ones, some are just OK and none are really exceptional (imho). We've been to Chiado before, about 8 years ago, and it was one of our most unforgettable experience in TO and we definitely wouldn't mind doing this, again.

Which one should we go for?

Other suggestions are most welcome?

Thank you

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  1. On a weekend night, I would head to Chiado. Weekday, head to Susur.

    1. Macallan's right -- You'll have a better Friday night at Chiado.

      Also - If you're not a fusion fan, Susur is more likely to infuriate than convert IMO.

      1. Splendido is probably the best resto in this city. If $$ isn't an issue you should consider going there. Susur has great food, but on a Friday night service might be a bit pedestrian, and they use the "spin the bottle" technique for food and wine pairing. I've never been to Chiado so no comment except others (including you) recommend it.

        1. If budget is not an issue then go to Susur, tasting menu in reverse is very interesting...Wine's are expensive so bring lots of cash, it is very easy to spend $600+ for two..