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Mar 15, 2007 08:07 AM

Cheap, lite noshes near Castro Theater?

This is not an area I get to very often, but I'll be there for three evenings running plus Sunday lunch time this weekend for Asian Film Festival events and I'm clueless about restaurants in that area. East-, South-, or Southeast Asian would be nice, but not necessary, and not so heavy as to cause me to nod off during the movies, as geezers are wont to do. Thanks.

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  1. Thai House Express is only one block away from the Theater, at 599 Castro @ 19th. Though most folks don't seem to like it as much as the Tenderloin location, it's still some of the best food going in that neighborhood.

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      I agree 100%. The stewed/braised pork leg/shoulder is good here (very close to the tenderloin location), curries are perfectly fine. We once had a creative sounding soup that ended up having a gravy that tasted like ketchup, which was definitely not our favorite. Stick to classics or things known to be outstanding at Thai House Express like the braised shoulder and you'll be happy.

      Chow has a few "asian" entrees which are certainly Americanized but tasty none the less.

      We have also enjoyed Ararat (18th 1/4 block below Castro), which serves Middle Eastern/Meditetranean food that's pretty good. I didn't care for their deep fried items as much as other things on the menu.

      There's a nice looking place on 18th across from Ararat that claims to be Indonesian or Malaysian or something--don't bother.

    2. There's Chow which is great for a variety of good casual food, and there's Tangerine for Pan Asian food. Both are reliable choices.

      I'm personally going to head to the Asian Art Museum after my trip to the Asian American Film Fest and going to have lunch there with my free admission to the museum! It's free with your AAFF ticket stub and the Miso Glazed Salmon at the museum is delish.

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        Are you saying the lunch is free? I'm a museum member, so admission is always free. In any event, anyone can get in free to have lunch there but not visit the galleries.

      2. I had the same dilemma last month while attending the film noir festival. I ate tacos in the area twice. I had a slight preference for the place right on Castro down from the theater. I think I had a mole taco of some sort. I also went to a burrito place which was on the 1st street down from Market and 1 block west. Not much to speak of. I scoped out the adjoining area quickly and didn't see any real tasty options. Years ago there was a Haagen Daz store that did hand-dipped ice cream bars. I think they are long gone.

        You might stop off before hand at Miette Confiserie nearby on Octavia off of Hayes. The rootbeer barrels, horhounds and cinnamon candies I brought to a theater were a hit with my noirish friends.

        1. Tangerine is great. Love the food and the prices are very reasonable. For brunch on Sunday, almost all items are under $10. For dinner, the appetizers are also under $10 and portions are large enough for a light meal, especially dishes like the chicken cakes or the yam cakes.

          1. Not the best neighborhood in SF for food. But as several already mentioned, Tangerine at Sanchez & 16th has good food (weekend brunch plus lunch & dinner during the week).

            Firewood on 18th near Eureka is OK.

            Anchor for seafood. It's a friend's fave, but I think it's too pricey.