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Mar 15, 2007 07:58 AM

Need Place for 70th Birthday Lunch Near Inner Harbor for 10 plus baby

I'm looking for a nice place to meet my family to celebrate my Dad's 70th. We would like to have a casual but yummy lunch, hopefully with fish on the menu. A private or semi-private room would help us a great deal because we want to be comfortable celebrating and because we have a toddler with us. It's for this Sunday! Please help!

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  1. How near is near to the Inner Harbor? It's not supposed to be warm this weekend so the tourist count should be down.

    It's tough finding places for Sunday lunch that aren't brunch. That said, you might want to try Abacrombie across from the Meyerhoff, about a mile north of the Harbor. Or I'm sure there are places in Fells Point or Canton that can fit the bill. Good luck and happy birthday!

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      Be careful about Fells/Canton/Federal Hill this weekend. A lot of St. Patty's Day stuff going on.