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Anyone been to the California Chicken Cafe in Woodland Hills yet?

I noticed this place opened earlier this week and, so far, is always packed. Is the food really that good, or is it the novelty?
Has anyone been to this location yet? How is it REALLY?

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    1. I haven't been to the one in WN, but the one in Encino is really good. The chicken is moist and tasty and so are the sides and salads. It's much better than Zankou, which was not as tender and too salty.

      I tried going for lunch today, but the line was out the door.

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        We just went to the Encino location and were not pleased, my husband's salad was missing avocado's and feta and they didn't say a word. When he realized and went up to mention it, they told us they were out of the ingredients but they never said anything when we ordered or when we got the food.

        I will say the chicken was good though, but it was a long wait and they seemed disorganized. Maybe it was an off night, because usually I like the place.

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          I love the place for the most part. But you're right about the ingredient issue. On more then one occasion they've either forgotten or added an ingredient that differed from the menu description. One instance that comes to mind was when my girlfriend got a wrap, and they put mustard on it instead of mayo. That was at the Northridge location. I've also had missing salad ingredients before at the Encino location. But for the amount of times I go, this happens rarely.

      2. It's on Ventura Bl. almost at Shoup. The parking lot has been jammed with cars the last couple of nights, so I'm really curious....

        1. The trick to California Chicken is to call in your order on the way even if you plan on eating there. Then you just walk up to the register and get your food.

          1. Their Chinese chicken salad is always good, and their special of 8 pieces of dark meat for 5 bucks with pita bread and salsa is great also

            1. [UPDATE] I finally tried this place out. The chicken is superb, like the other CCC locations. It was moist, tender and tasty but not too salty. I had two sides, the soup and mashed potatos. The soup was excellent, and they give you a pint of it. The mashed potatos with gravy was also very good. I love their salsa bar with the red and green salsa.

              This place was not running as smoothly as the Encino location I have been to. The service was slow, and it took much longer to get the food than at the other locations. So, be prepared for a lot of delay.

              Also, they don't have a phone call-in pick up line yet, so I'm not sure if that suggestion works.

              1. I used to frequent the Encino location for lunch when I worked in the area. Their Chinese Chicken salad is pretty good, i had it 4 times in one week. Good value.

                1. Good for healthy food, esp. post-workout, and I love that they offer fat-free mayo; yes, I'm one of those freaks that like that stuff... Nothing like a chicken breast, a side of fat free mayo and salsa, a side of chopped tomatoes, and in the winter, veggie soup...

                  1. I also frequent the Encino location at least one time a week and usually the Westwood location once a week. Lately I've been getting the Chinese Chicken Salad without the chicken. I also love their vegetable soup and those potatoes are also awesome. For some reason I think their chicken is the least attractive item on their menu, the chicken always tastes so dry and flavorless to me. Plus the size of those chicken chunks in their salad, totally weighs it down. Other than that, I wish they were open on Sundays!

                    1. Tried to go yesterday, but it was closed!!
                      What kind of restaurant closed on Sundays??

                      1. Wow, I've only eaten at the one in Westlake Village, and I've found the food to be terrible. I'm puzzles by these positive reviews. Maybe Westlake is just cursed with a particularly bad franchise, or maybe I'm not ordering the right things?

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                          Westlake Village??? Where?..........I don't recall seeing one out this way

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                            Apologies. The place I went to is called California Crisp Cafe. No doubt a crappy knock-off.

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                            Here is the locations list for CCC and no Westlake location is shown.
                            Might want to try the Woodland Hills location to verify your thoughts.

                            ps - all their locations are closed on Sundays, per this list with hours shown.