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Mar 15, 2007 07:29 AM

New Thai Restaurant in West Chester -- Sweet Basil

Has anyone been? Drove by it earlier in the week just north of the PA-DE state line on 202, and it looks brand-spanking new. I'm especially interested to hear how veg-friendly their menu is; will hopefully be able to check it out soon, but meanwhile I thought I'd check with the area CH's.

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  1. Can you be any more specific? Is it in a shopping center or anything? Based on what you said I guess it is more chadds ford or something than really west chester?

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      It is in what looks like a new shopping center. I'm not certain of the city -- it could be Chadd's Ford -- all I know is that it's just a few miles (if that) past the state line heading north on 202. I did a very quick google search and the only match I turned up was on someone's Myspace page, which mentioned that there was a new Thai restaurant in West Chester by the same name. I'm assuming it's one & the same.

    2. I'm trying to picture where it might be -- I travel that route very often. Which side of the road is it on? Anywhere near Baxter's?

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        Not familiar with Baxter's, sorry. It is on the right side of the road (east).

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          I meant Bruster's (I think) -- the ice cream place.

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            Ah. Yes, I don't think it's all that far from Bruster's.

      2. Yes, right before Bruster's. I've been several times already, once for lunch and once for dinner. Excellent food and anything can be made vegetarian on the menu. Drunken Noodles were very tasty, just spicy enough. Lemongrass soup is very good and the spring rolls are very good, not too greasy like they tend to be at most places. My mom got the fried rice and said it was the best she had had for some time, very tasty. Oh! Also had the crispy duck with tamarind sauce. Excellent! I will be back. Only complaint is the menu is kind of on the small side, but maybe they will expand as they go on...

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          Great recommendation! Thanks. Are they BYO?

          1. re: CindyJ

            Yes, they are BYO...but they have a nice array of Thai teas & coffees.

        2. I did try Sweet Basil this weekend, so I thought I'd write back with my impressions. It wasn't a bad experience, but I was disappointed. I've been lamenting the lack of good thai in the Wilmington area since I moved here several years ago, and the search continues... There wasn't a single veg entree option on the menu, so rather than quiz the waitress about what could and couldn't be made vegetarian (esp. tricky w/ thai food, given the fish oils, chicken stocks in curries, etc.) I went for the simplest & easiest dish to modify, and ordered the pad thai. It was okay, but not even a hint of spiciness. It was also $14, which to my mind is way overpriced. I wouldn't pay that much in the city; it seems especially overboard in a stripmall location (although the decor is nice & classy). (Another problem with modifying dishes is you end up paying for the shrimp / beef / whatever that you had removed.) I had a bowl of the vegetable soup as an appetizer and that was alright, although the broth was overly salty. Meat-eaters would have a better experience, I'm sure, but sadly, I won't be headed back.

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            Have you ever been to Green Papaya in Exton? It's described as "Vietnamese with a French flair" but they do have some Thai dishes such as Pad Thai on the menu. There's also a good selection of vegetarian dishes, and they're very accommodating when you ask them to make a meat or seafood dish vegetarian. The prices are reasonable, the food is very good and it's BYO.

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              My family travels to Thailand often and we eat at many different Thai restaurants in the States. The Thai Orchid in Frazer, PA is excellent and you would love their Thai Eggplant dish (I ask them to prepare it without the chicken and it's awesome!). Another good place is a little farther from you, in Media. It is called Nadia Thai (formerly Nooddi). :)

            2. The other Vietnamese in the area with Pad Thai is Bamboo in Frazer. In my view a little tastier than Green Papaya, and a little cheaper, but not as nice a room. Great for vegetarians. And they have Pho all the time, not just weekends.

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                Thanks! Green Papaya has been on my 'must try' list for a little while now; I'll have to make the trek sometime soon... And I hadn't heard of Bamboo, so thanks for that rec as well.