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OC Sunday Buffet Brunch...where to go

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We are looking for a great Sunday Buffet Brunch....we loved Accents but they are no longer there....and even El Torito Grill in Fashion Island has a wonderful brunch as well.
Where to go and what do they have?

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  1. Spaghettini's ... off the 405 in Dana Point. Has a great Jazz Champagne Brunch. You pick an entree from the menu for the main course, and then there is a buffet of the rest of the food as well. Excellent, but not inexpensive.

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      There is no Spaghettini's in Dana Point.

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        I think you meant off Seal Beach Blvd. I'm contemplating that for Easter....

    2. Ramos House Cafe, voted best food in OC and all they do is Brunch.

      1. here you go

        from just a couple days ago


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          there are a lot of non-buffets also listed on there, but Chomp, St. Regis, and Taco Rosa are looking good on that post.