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Mar 15, 2007 07:07 AM

OC Sunday Buffet Brunch...where to go

We are looking for a great Sunday Buffet Brunch....we loved Accents but they are no longer there....and even El Torito Grill in Fashion Island has a wonderful brunch as well.
Where to go and what do they have?

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  1. Spaghettini's ... off the 405 in Dana Point. Has a great Jazz Champagne Brunch. You pick an entree from the menu for the main course, and then there is a buffet of the rest of the food as well. Excellent, but not inexpensive.

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    1. re: rlknapp1

      There is no Spaghettini's in Dana Point.

      1. re: 1000steps

        I think you meant off Seal Beach Blvd. I'm contemplating that for Easter....

    2. Ramos House Cafe, voted best food in OC and all they do is Brunch.

        1. re: frank828

          there are a lot of non-buffets also listed on there, but Chomp, St. Regis, and Taco Rosa are looking good on that post.