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Mar 15, 2007 06:56 AM

Owings Mills Dinner Rec (No Baltimore)

We're going to dinner on Saturday night (St. Patrick's Day, so it happens) with friends who live in Owings Mills. Want to avoid Baltimore and the whole Irish drinking, rowdy crowd thing. Just want an enjoyable meal where we can catch up with friends while the kids are at grandma's house. Any ideas in the Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Pikesville area?

Thanks for the help. I'm not too familiar with that area.

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  1. Linwoods on Reistertown Road (about 1/2-1 mile outside the Beltway) serves excellent food in a refined atmosphere. A good place for a leisurely meal. There won't be any St. P Day revelers there.

    1. Linwoods is good but may be a little pricey. Mari Luna is a fabulous Mexican place in Pikesville. A sleeper may be Mia Carolina,,,,,,excellent Italian in Glyndon

      1. I've never been but co-workers say good things about Al Pacino Cafe. It's in the same center as Trader Joe's, just outside the beltway on Reisterstown Rd. The menu looks very interesting to me and one of these days I'll make it in. I didn't even know there was also a Timonium location (the website is cafe isis - link below).



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          Al Pacino's is like a chain. I'd avoid.

          I've not personally been in a while, but if I can trust recent attestations, Salsa Grill in Woodlawn is your bet. Fantastic.

          1. re: BmoreHound

            Three locations hardly makes it a chain. Would you consider the Prime Rib a chain and avoid it?

            I have only eaten at the Baltimore location and I have enjoyed their pizza and salads. It might be more of a lunch location, but I wouldn't automatically count it out.

            1. re: viperlush

              "Al Pacino's is LIKE a chain."
              My reference was more to the fact that they serve not really interesting food at pretty good prices that some people seem to like but I don't.

        2. I like Liberatore's. I don't think it's a place that attracts the party hearty crowd. Don't let the multiple locations turn you off - it's a local "chain" - just a successful restauranteur spreading his wings to the delight of the neighboring communities. Linwood's was mentioned and is a fav but as noted it can be quite pricey.

          1. My experiences at Al Pacinos and Salsa Grill have been both mediocre.The service at both a bit too casual. I would recommend neither. and for what its worth...Salsa Grill is not in Pikesville or Reisterstown..