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Mar 15, 2007 06:21 AM

Where to buy crab meat?

Any suggestions as to where to buy lump crab meat for making crab cakes? In the past, I've bought the frozen canned crab meat at Loblaws, but the pieces are really small, basically shredded. I've also bought the tiny containers of fresh crab meat from Pusateri's. Delicious, but sooooo expensive (over $20 for maybe 6 oz.). Surely there must be something in between? I did spot some frozen crab claw meat at T&T one day and thought they might be a good way to go. Has anyone tried this stuff before? Any other suggestions?

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  1. The Asian grocery that is at Leslie and Steeles carries the same brand of canned frozen lump crab meat that they carry at the St. Lawrence Market, Pisces and Longo's, but for 1/3 the price. My m-i-l (who is known for her crab cakes) swears by it. Can't remember the brand, but could find out tonight for you, if you're interested.

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      Yes, please, I would very much appreciate that!

    2. Look for Phillips brand in most good fish markets ( they had it at Sam's Club not too long ago). It is not frozen but pasteurized in the can and thus needs to be refrigerated at all times.
      It comes in various grades---lump, backfin, special and claw meat in descending order of quality and price-- from $22/lb for lump to $10 for claw. It is from Maryland blue crabs but can be either form US or Far East --Check label carefully to discern.

      It is very good quality in general and used by many of the best restaurants for crabcakes etc

      There is also Atlantic snow crab available in frozen blocks but I believe there is supply problem currently.

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        Thank you! I will look for Phillips. $22/lb sounds cheap compared to Pusateri's prices.

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        1. there is another brand that i'm not sure if it is available in retail outlets that i find is better than phillips. its sherril brand, and it seems to have much bigger peices than the phillips and i know that it is usually around $2-5 cheaper for me to buy for the restaurant i run,

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            is it Maryland blue, dungeness or snow crab or some other??

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