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Mar 15, 2007 05:54 AM

Detroit -- good Irish restaurant? And not a pub.

Are there any good Irish restaurants in the Detroit area that serve traditional Irish fare such as colcannon, champ, Irish stew, Boxty, coddle, soda bread, and wheaten bread? Preferably not a pub, as I loathe cigarette smoke.

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  1. you might consider gus o'connor's. locations in downtown rochester and novi

    or try baile corcaigh

    but beware, they are both irish places and have bars which invariably attracts smoking. but i have found that the air quality at o'connors is fine (haven't been to baile in a long time).

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      Love Baile Corcaigh. It's still one of Corktown's best kept secrets. Great food, good people.

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        Thanks xman887 and eizans. My good friend Summerfield called and learned that Baile Corcaigh is smokefree. I'll be visiting soon. Thanks again.