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Mar 15, 2007 05:46 AM

Victor's Diner - Watertown ?

Anyone have an impression of Victor's? Driven by a few times and always forget about it as a possibility. Out of sight....

There seems to be a line on weekends and a big crowd. Not that that is a sign of quality - often just means the right mix of price/quantity/quality.

After two years here, we're still on the hunt for a great breakfast with a neighborhood vibe. Not brunch (I love brunch, don't get me wrong) - but we're looking for a pure pre-10am scene - good food, good coffee.

For those of you who know SF - where's the Miss Millie's, Ella's, Chloe's or hell, Boogaloo, equivalent. Or the Philly-style Sabrina's (how I dream of the challah french toast) or Blue in Green.

Closest we've found is Centre St. Cafe in JP. Sorrella's was okay, and a step above Sound Bites which was not worth the wait, imho. For a straightup breakfast diner, half-empty Zoe's on Mass Ave, near Harvard Sq, below Dolphin Seafood, is actually pretty good. Pleasantly surprised. We choose that over Talk of the Town, Rosebud, Sound Bites, etc.

But any thoughts on Victor's or any new spots?

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  1. Victor's Diner in Watertown is my favorite place for breakfast. I usually get 3 eggs scrambled with sausage, homefries, toast and coffee. It's always good that's why you see a line out the door on weekends. Their coffee is also very good. Victor's gives you plenty of food for a good price. If you order one of their omelette's they use at least 6 eggs in them. They are huge and come with homefries and toast. I can't say enough about Victor's Diner on North Beacon Street in Watertown. Get there early. They only serve breakfast and lunch and close I think at 2pm or 3pm.

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      I like it too. Very basic tho they sometimes have biscuits and gravy I think. Not found that often in Boston. Haven't had a sandwich but they sound good. If you eat at the countre, you can sit down a lot quicker.

    2. Huge, good omelettes, decent inexpensive Salmon Benedict. One of my favourite places for a filling, inexpensive breakfast.

      1. My husband and 3-year-old daughter are regulars at Victor's - they eat there at least every other week. My husband is a breakfast diner aficionado and it's his favorite place . . . . like the other posters said - great food, great prices, friendly service.

        1. Ate there once with my wife. I agree with the other posters that the food is very filing, the portions are very large and the staff is nice. But we didn't think the food was that good. It was certainly edible, but the pancakes, scrambled eggs and omelettes were just nothing special. We don't plan on heading back anytime soon for breakfast. Perhaps we'll try their lunch.

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            Agree, cheap, filling, nothing special. The Deluxe Town Diner is much better, albeit more expensive.

          2. I seem to recall the New Yorker diner just outside of H20 Square on Mt. Auburn making their french toast with challah but I could be wrong.

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              Admittedly I've never had the french toast there, but I'd assume that they actually use the scali bread that they use for their regular toast. Which - we were there last Saturday for the first time in ages, for a late-night breakfast, and the scali toast was so good we ordered and extra side order to go with our omelets.

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                I believe you're right about making the french toast with scali bread. I love that toast (french and regular buttered).