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Mar 15, 2007 05:30 AM

Coldstone Creamery

Does anyone else think Coldstone's ice cream is really bad...or is it just me? With all the hype I went the other day and could barely finish it, it was so bad.

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  1. I would not say I think it is really, bad, but I do not think you get your moneys worth. I personally would rather take my $6 and buy a pint of Ben and Jerrys.
    In addition, the singing bothers me. =)

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    1. re: ArikaDawn

      Singing? Really? What, is there something they do at Coldstone Creameries in other parts of the USA? I am both intrigued and appalled...what, do they make the serving folks sing for their tips? Please do tell!

      1. re: Morticia

        Actually, you guessed correctly. When you tip, they bust out into annoying song and dance. I've seen it both in MI and NYC locations.

    2. Give me Haagen Daz any day over Coldstone. Also, I don't know how they stay in biz with the prices.

      1. I also don't like Coldstone. Can't quite explain why. Something about the texture/mouthfeel. It just isn't the creamy, rich goodness that I love in ice cream. It's probably for the best though: I have a tremendous sweet tooth, so if I liked Coldstone it would just be one more thing to resist. :-)

        1. You are not the only one. The ice cream at Cold Stone is not that good. I went once and will never go back. HOWEVER, a lot of people seem to like their ice cream covered with, or mixed with, all kinds of stuff. This of course allows Cold Stone to use less expensive, lower quality ice cream.

          As for the prices, they are simply ludicrous. HOWEVER (again), a lot of people can and will pay these prices so Cold Stone flourishes. The one time I was there, I watched a family of four drop over $40 for their 'after dinner' ice cream treats!

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          1. re: ambrose

            We have a Coldstone Creamery in my town - and I've never been there. I'm not paying those prices for ice-cream (And after reading these posts, apparently I haven't been missing much.) If I'm going to spend that much money on something so fattening, it's going to be wedge of Humboldt Fog.

          2. I hate Coldstone -- their ice cream tastes like chemicals to me. I live in Austin, where we have the amazing Amy's ice cream. Coldstone simply couldn't compete, thank goodness.

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            1. re: bookgrrl72

              Amy's could put the smack down on Coldstone. I love Amy's and I actually like Maggie Moo, too. Coldstone's ice cream itself is awful. The trouble is you don't really notice with all the other auxiliary stuff mixed in. At Coldstone I usually get the Founder's Favorite which includes caramel, chocolate sauce, pecans, and brownies. With all that mixed in, the ice cream is just filler. One day, I just felt like having the silky, unadulterated taste of sweet cream on my tongue, so I went to Coldstone and got an order of sweet cream with nothing but almonds for a little texture variance (my stand-by order at Amy's), and I was so aghast. The ice cream was airy and insipid. It tasted like styrofoam. It was only without all the window-dressing that I noticed it though. Coldstone's strength, as many have mentioned already, are their creative combinations. That's the only reason I go back there.

              1. re: hch_nguyen

                Is Amy's really that good? I see it at the austin airport all the time but never tried. Maybe when I fly into Austin next month.

                What is the must-try flavour?

              2. re: bookgrrl72

                I moved from Austin, I miss Amy's :(

                1. re: bookgrrl72

                  yummm Amy's......

                  I went to Coldstone once while visiting my fmaily back home (it's all they have in the way of ice cream other than a TCBY). I ordered something off their menu (preset mixins) and it was terrible. I couldn't finish it. It was a combination of too much crap (too many flavors....and I got what looked to be a simpler offering) and not enough ice cream. Worst of all, the "ice cream" tasted like the gross generic ice milk my grandpa bought us as kids with air pumped into it. Almost like bad watery meringue. YUCK!