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Mar 15, 2007 05:07 AM

Best dessert place in Columbia, S.C.

Anybody have any reccomendations for a dessert place in Columbia?
I've heard Goatfeathers and Nonnahs, but have never been.

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    1. anything that's especially good at either?

      1. Hummm.... because the offerings vary it's hard to say. I think you can't go wrong with whatever strikes your fancy on that menu on that day.

        1. Wow. Now I'm thinking I have a cheesecake deficiency. Thanks alot for this thread! :)

          Goat and Nonnah's are excellent. DiPrato's is nothing to sneeze at either.

          1. For cheesecake you should check out Cafe Strudel. They order it from Lindy's, but it's to die for. They have a good key lime pie sometimes too. Oh, and their bagel's are H&H. haha...they don't order everything...but everything's delicious and it's nice that they get GOOD bagels rather than an mediocre ones. Do you know if either Nonnah's or Goat would make a cake to order? I'm having a birthday...but it's just two ppl and I wanted to see if I could get a small cake made. I got a cake at Chocolate Nirvana last year, but it was very dissapointing and they were rude. Tiffany's isn't too exciting and the only other places I know to get cakes are Whole Foods, Publix, or FM and they don't seem too special. Any suggestions?

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              Man, you talk about rude! I called Chocolate Nirvana last July seeking a flourless chocolate cake for my mother's birthday and was treated so rudely by some know nothing I was in shock and frankly am not quite over it yet. Stay away from Chocolate Nirvana unless humiliation is your thing.

              Now, for the good part. Wally & Crumb came to my rescue with an excellent cake. They are located at 4903 Forest Dr., (803) 790-1320. Give Wally a call and talk it over with her. I found her to be very friendly and quite accommodating. She bakes the best cookies I've eaten, too.