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Fremont California

I have to go there.

I need food advice.

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  1. if you do a Search (Search box on the top of the page) on Fremont you'll find a bunch of posts..but here's my latest one just a scroll down on the board:
    QQ Noodle, Fremont:

    1. Lunch? Dinner? Price range? Style of restaurant? Type of cuisine?

      There's a lot of good "ethnic" (regional Chinese, Indian, Afghan) eats in Fremont.

      1. good food (any kind), wide open on price

        1. I presume you aren't restricted to the confines of the city of Fremont, though if you are you might want to try one of the Afghan places since there isn't much Afghan food in the LA area. Otherwise you can hop over the border to Union City and go to sort of the NW corner of Alvarado Niles Road and Decoto Road (neither street is perfectly straight) where there is a large shopping center with several good ethnic food choices. I can only remember the names of three Chinese restaurants there--Mayflower, Little Potato (an interesting regional style place) and China Tofu. However there are other places there, too, and there have been many favorable comments on the board about the various restaurants in this shopping center.

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            Mayflower is now Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, and China Tofu is now New China.

            1. re: DezzerSF

              Actually Mayflower is still there. Little Sheep opened up in the freestanding building right on the corner of Decoto Road and Alvarado Niles Road. Mayflower is next to the supermarket. China Tofu did change their name to New China, but it looks the same to me, and the China Tofu name is still on the register receipts etc.

              1. re: Chandavkl

                Sorry, you're right about Mayflower, the dim sum place. I thought Mayflower was the name of the chinese restaurant that Little Sheep replaced. How is Mayflower anyway?

                And yes, China Tofu did not change anything besides their name. I wonder what provoked it?

                1. re: DezzerSF

                  Mayflower is quite good as are all of the branches of that chain that I've been too. However the Union City location seemed especially noisy and I believe there have been complaints on this board about the service there. As far as the name change, generically there are at least two reasons why Chinese restaurants change names without changing their operations, one innocent the other not so innocent. The innocent reason is some kind of change of ownership, with new investors being brought in or perhaps a change in legal entity. The other reason has to do with taxes and I'm not going to say any more about that.

          2. How is Little Sheep Mongolian...sounds interesting!!

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              1. Salang Pass, for great Afghan food.

                1. Fremont has unusual restaurant history. Several years ago local government researched and, so the report said, found only four restaurants that weren't chains, leading to a plea for others. (Ironic in a city assembled from five venerable small towns and altogether nearly the size of a small European country.)

                  Those four restaurants (this is from memory, please forgive any errors) included the casual but fairly high-end Pearl's Café (now closed, and missed), Ho Chow (visited many times) whose owners later divorced and she (from memory again!) opened a new place; and Il Porcino (named like the mushroom). Many more independents did open in the subsequent 10 years or so.

                  Dined well at Porcino a few years ago. Like many "Italian" or "Mediterranean" restaurants in the region it had a Turkish owner/cook; Turkey has a rich exuberant food culture which spills over into the US sometimes as Mediterranean. Haven't returned recently but it still generates favorable buzz.

                  Il Porcino, 3339 Walnut Ave., Fremont (510) 791-7383

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                    I can assure you that Fremont now has many, many independently owned restaurants that reflect the diversity of its populace.

                    Perhaps one of the four (since you only listed three) was Lucia's Italian Restaurant? The descendents now operate Mirchi Cafe, here's a thread on it.

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      Melanie, sorry I'm not sure of The Independent Four (or even that the three I mentioned were part of it). That was before Chowhound (middle 1990s I think) and the Fremont restaurant scene began changing rapidly, so it's now more diverse.

                      On the one hand it's surprising Fremont had this problem so relatively recently, while neighboring Milpitas (despite the long Bay Area tradition of dumping on it) had interesting independent restaurants years earlier (and more since).

                      On the other hand, it's a reminder how fast the restaurant scene changes in these towns. I glance at past notes of favorite restaurants and see how many are now gone. (Anyone remember Umunhum? Not so long ago, either.)

                      Kinipela, yes sadly Pearl's is gone. People used to come some distance to Fremont to dine there. (Including the past owners, from the coast -- before the employee buy-out.) On those other restaurants you mention, no experience. I'll say that I hear a rough but wide consensus on which are the high-end "destination" restaurants in the Peninsula and southern parts of the Bay Area -- the same names reappear, on- and offline, including here -- and Papillon often is among them. (Many people also know La ForĂȘt in the Almaden Valley, its pastoral outpost. Under same ownership, on my last info anyway.)

                    2. re: eatzalot

                      i thought pearl's was closed... ack.... i do like ho chow's.... is the quality the same these days?

                      i'm curious, what are your thoughts on pappillon (sp?), massimo's, and nijo castle?

                      oh and i love the persian food in fremont.... there's a place off of mission and stevenson that made really good kabobs....

                      1. re: kinipela

                        "...have to go there"? As in justing visiting or moving to our fair city? A plethora of foody delights are here, just depending on what kind of time you will have on your hands.

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                          I always stuck to ethnic except for Jack's in the Fremont Hub (my husband liked the burgers). Massimo's though was the site of a very disappointing and overpriced Valentine's meal. Wouldn't recommend it when there is so much go stuff in the Bay Area.

                          1. re: jsaimd

                            I actually like Jack's burgers as well. They're always really juicy, I still don't know what they do to the beef! Nice beer selection too. For search purposes, it's Jack's Brewing Company.@ 39176 Argonaut Way.