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Mar 15, 2007 12:21 AM

9 pm Casual Near Union Square

Hey -- I'm coming in from NYC to participate in an event near Union Square tomorrow night. Afterward, a group of us want to go out nearby, but I need a 'flexible' restaurant. Some will be dining, some desserting, some only drinking. And for now, I still don't know how many will be coming along -- maybe 4, maybe 12... So can anyone think of a good, but casual, place nearby that won't be ruffled by a group like ours?

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  1. Scala's Bistro is a great place for all of the above. Located on Sutter and Powell it is in the heart of Union Square and very San Francisco. I would suggest to call ahead they do tend to get pretty busy on Thurs night. You should try the pastas they are all great, and the Bostini for dessert can't be missed!!!! Enjoy!

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      Yeah, Scala's was what immediately came to my mind as well...

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        I think that the pastry chef who was at Perbacco moved on to Scala's recently. There was a great caramel gelato with black sea salt which was really good when I had it Perbacco, and I think it can now be found at Scala's. Yummy panna cotta too. Something to check out for the "desserting" part of the crowd.