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Mar 15, 2007 12:11 AM

hot water boiler you never seen before

every chinese have one of this at home, just want to let the none chinese know about this piece of electronic equitment, once you get use to it, you can never live without it.

it's a hot water boiler, cook about1 gallon of water at one time and keep it hot 24/7, you only need to add water when it's almost empty, one push of a button, you'll have hot water for your coffee , tea , cup noodle .

i been giving this to my none chinese friend as present for years, and everybody love it, they said they can not image the life without it.

you can get it at any chinese supermarket for $40, it can go up to $100, basicely it's the same, no need to buy the expensive one. hope you guys can enjoy this as much as all the chinese

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  1. Monkfanatic, can you buy online or post a reference? I have never seen one.

    1. Funny, I never thought about that. All over Asia people have those electric pastel-colored water heaters with the push pump big button at the top. True...ther're not found much outside of Asia. Possibly goes along with tea drinking.

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      1. re: Sam Fujisaka

        Yeah... my gf's parents use one of these.

        You don't get as precise control as with a kettle, though. For tea, I use a couple of electric kettles (one a Kamjove - ~ $30-40, though the price ranges from $20-80), and a more expensive, old style one with a kind of "army surplus" look.

        Some talk of both the "air pot" style water heaters and electric kettles in this (very long) thread about tea:

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          ps - One feature that does matter between the cheap pots and the expensive ones is that the expensive ones tend to have a better range of temperatures.

          If you brew a lot of teas that need sub-boiling temperatures, it's nice to have a pot that will do 175, 195, and 208.

      2. Sort of like samovars in Russia?

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        1. re: Jimmy Buffet

          Not quite: picture a big, fat thermous, slightly tapered towards the top. The outer skin is insulated and usually plastic with floral designs or the like. A heating element is at the bottom. The electric cord comes out of the base and plugs into any wall outlet. The internal vessel is stainless. The lid and a bucket type handle is at the top, as is a large button for pumping water out from a spigot near the top (rather than at the bottom by gravity as in a samovar).

        2. Sounds interesting. Will they shut themselves off if empty or do you need to pay attention?

          1. Sam, can you point me to some on the internet? I have searched but found only one made by Zojirushi...

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            1. re: Jimmy Buffet

              if you want to buy one with cheaper price, you have to go to a chinese supermarket to buy it, you can get one at japanese market too, but it will cost you over $100 , it does the samething,some have a boil button, if you push it, it well reboil again raise the water temperature, some will will let you choose the temperature you want, it come in handy if you biol a lot of water, in southern ca and las vegas area 99 rench market all carry this, they come in different sizes and different design , and there are over 14 in southern ca alone.
              there customer service number is 1800-600-8292, website is 99RANCH.COM, but I don't believe they sell on line

                1. re: will47

                  Will, yes. But for Tiger, it is the "Electric Water Heater" rather than the "Air Pump" section that is of interest to this discussion. The former have spread rapidly, taking over from the previously ubiquitous latter in more affluent parts of Asia. The Sanyo looks more complicated and expensive than is necessary.