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Tim Hortons - breakfast sandwiches

I did a search and couldn't find anything on this topic. My apologies if this has been covered. I recently tried a breakfast sandwich from Tim Hortons. It was 6am, I was hungry, and lacked other options. Anyhow, I had the bacon sandwich, which consisted of a spongy piece of scrambled egg, a couple slices of bacon, and a slice of cheddar cheese on a tea biscuit. I thought it was anything but good. When I checked the nutritional information later, I found it had 17 g of saturated fat. These things really make Egg McMuffins look like tasty health food in comparison.

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  1. They're good but pretty greasy/buttery.....too bad they didnt have hot sauce to put on it though..

    1. I'm a sucker for a good biscuit sandwich and love eating in the southern US...I think it lasted two bites before I threw it down in disgust. Turns out the egg patties are delivered frozen, thawed and reheated in the store and kept in a heating dish (mmmm rubbery goodness).

      Disgusting, truly disgusting. Back to home made biscuits,, fresh fried eggs and extra old cheese for me.

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        I had been staying away from these things after reading the Star's nutritional analysis on them. But after reading yours I think I will be staying as far away as possible! The terms "Rubbery goodness" should not include eggs!

      2. I'll shamefully admit that my husband and I love the Sausage Mcmuffin (no egg). A McDonald's breakfast is our guilty pleasure - especially on hurried mornings. So when Timmy Ho's got into the breakfast-wich game I was curious to see how it compared. We actually conducted a little taste test (using the sausage as the base of comparisson) since there is a McDonald's across from Timmie's not far from us. The verdict... McDonalds 1, Timmie's 0. There were no discernable textures in the TH sandwich. It was a mushy, tasteless pile of blech. I even peeled the egg off the biscuit to be fair, and it was just not good.

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          that's exactly how i feel! a part of me is absolutely addicted to the sausage mcmuffin (with egg) but in a comparison with the timmie's it just didn't cut it. part of the appeal is the varying texture from a chewy and springy english muffin, the dry creaminess of the fully cooked egg, the soft salty fat of the patty and melty processed cheese. tim's just fell apart to pieces with the touch of my lips, no bite needed. each item was just melded together into a big pile of mush with little flavour but pure salt. i don't understand how they can compete, but i guess everyone needs a morning food fix with their coffee.

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            I too will admit to loving the sausage egg mcmuffin. however i haven;t had one in years because my body can't take the fat content.....

            I'm shocked that Tim's doesn't even bother to cook their eggs in-house....I try to avoid food at tim's as much as I can: I find the bread they use for their sandwiches looks good, but is so spongy and doughy, its like eating a marshmallow.

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            People who enjoy the McMuffin's from McDonalds will not enjoy Timmies. McD's is addictive and disgusting. The last time I got an egg mcmuffin I threw it out because the smell was so bad. It smelled like a wrapped diaper sandwich and that is being kind. I find everything from McDonalds to be absolutely nasty and greasy. If you saw how everything was prepared at McDonalds you would not want to eat there again. I find that Timmies is never a soggy spunge like these ppl claim and it is crispy on the outside and the egg is cooked like a real egg should be lol. McDonalds eggs always creep me out with their gooshiness, creepy yolk colour and rancid smell.

          3. I've tried them twice...I workout Sunday mornings, and DW is slow to start so I wind up starving for a few hours 'til we get it together to do brunch...

            The second time was to ensure that the first hadn't been a horrible mistake by the prep person...that and the absolutely craptastic service has actually made me swear to never go into the T Ho's at 7 and Red Maple again.

            1. Ewwwww! The Timmie's sausage thingy is gross! No taste, weird texture (rubbery egg, no taste sausage and crubbly biscuit), no thanks. After my 1st try, ran back to McDonald's sausage McMuffin (with egg)!!! By a wide margin, the McMuffin tastes better & doesn't fall apart...and this goes for any of the McMuffin products!

              1. We don't have any Tim Horton's in CA. When I was last in Vancouver, we stopped to get a box of Timmies on the way up to Whistler, gotta say that the holes are addicting. I even liked thier chili. We have Wendy's here, but they don't have the same things. Sorry to hear that the sandwhich was so bad.

                1. i tried the sandwich once and i didn't like it either. however one of my peers bought the sandwich on a toasted bagel. she says that it tastes much better (and it's cheaper)

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                    it's actually not any cheaper at all. all you're doing is substituting one bread for another.

                  2. I tried them when they first came out (about 2 years ago) and thought the biscuit was amazing, very buttery; the innards were average. I recently had it again and it was not good. The texture of the biscuit has changed, it is now more doughy and the innards are worse. I think they changed their recipe from when they initially introduced it.

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                      It's a sad fact of life that biscuits have way more fat than an English muffin, plus biscuits crumble, which makes them an awful choice for a one-handed meal in the car. If I need a fast food breakfast, it's McD's sausage Mick with egg. (McD's bagel sandwiches are horrid, and don't get me started on BK's croissandwich nonsense. And what god forsaken soul ever came up with the idea for the McGriddle?!)

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                        Yeah, I think that's why it got changed, too crumbly but it was oh, so buttery!

                    2. I think it varies. I have excellent ones almost every time I get them (maybe because I live right near the US/Canada border...and it started in Canada). The biscuits are warm and soft, with a good flavor, the sausage has a little bit of a kick to it, there is a nice slice of american, and the egg. Now, yeah, the egg is pre-made, but I am not expecting a perfect sandwich, so its good.

                      1. I think Tim Horton's stretched itself too thin when it introduced these breakfast sandwiches. I know the company has been quite successful in the past at adding new products without compromising sales of existing ones, but they don't have to provide everything to everyone. And, yeah, the nutrition, or lack thereof, ...better eye-opener than their coffee.

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                          The breakfast sandwich is was actually an amazing idea! It's gone over better than most of us thought it would. I mean, obviously there's people that go ion with high expectations, but the people that are looking for a simple easy breakfast love it.

                        2. I dunno, I kind of like them on the run very occasionally...I only get the egg/cheese variety, and it's not THAT bad for breakfast...360 cals here:

                          if you're not living off these things daily, I don't see the harm.

                          On a side note, i really, truly wish people would stop calling Tim Hortons "Timmies"....it grates.

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                            >>On a side note, i really, truly wish people would stop calling Tim Hortons "Timmies"....it grates.

                            Couldn't agree more!

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                              Is it Okay to call McDonald's Micky Dee's??

                              1. re: ChrisOC

                                Only if you are under 18. That's about when I stopped calling it that.

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                                  Wow! When I was 18 there was no such thing as McDonald's

                            2. I find the biscuits have an overpowering raw onion flavour. The LAST thing I want at 6:00 am at the airport (the only place I would ever eat Timmy's for breakfast) is raw onion.

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                                There's no onion in the biscuit, so unless you're mowing down on some egg, it's not onion you're tasting.

                                1. re: jth89

                                  I totally think they have an onion-y flavour, which I enjoy! I figured they put some in the eggs or something. I find the onion flavour really strong. I'm intrigued...

                                  .... just checked the site and there are onions in the eggs. "Yes. The egg patty served on our Breakfast Sandwich is prepared from whole eggs and contains ingredients such as shredded cheese and diced onion."


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                                    I've had a few of these and hadn't encountered the onions until recently when I tried the newer version that has the english muffin instead of the biscuit.

                              2. I don't mind them on occasion, but I get it on a bagel. Just don't try the 'hash browns'

                                1. I have a weakness for Tim's breakfast sandwiches. It's primarily the texture of the biscuit, with the flavor of the bacon and egg. I know I can make them taste much better at home, and I often do make biscuit sandwiches, but...the Tim's sandwiches do sometimes hit the spot.