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Mar 14, 2007 09:41 PM

Recommendations at Prime (Bellagio)

Going on a business trip and having a group dinner at Prime in the Bellagio. Have read VERY mixed reviews about the place and am curious to hear about recent experiences and recommendations.

I eat a LOT of steak, and have dined at many highly acclaimed steakhouses...but Ruth's Chris is still the standard by which all others are judged. Especially since they're a chain, it's impressive that they always get the level of doneness just right - rare means rare and the steak is always really flavorful. They offer to change out your sizzling plate o' butter during the meal to keep your steak warm. Perfect. And their Lyonaisse potatoes are to die for.

The reviews of Prime speak to grossly underdone (is that possible) or overdone, tasteless steaks and over-priced appetizers. Curious to hear what you hounds think.

I used to be in Vegas a few times a year, but haven't been in about four years now, so I know things change a lot in that time.

I have two lunches and another dinner on my own. I'm probably going to do Olives for lunch one day (their carpaccio rocks my world) and Nobu for dinner...but could be swayed from old favorites if there is something new I just shouldn't miss. Suggestions???


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  1. i have been to prime perhaps seven times since the bellagio opened at the end of 1998. last visit was summer of 05. every meal there was terrific. can't say one side was greater than i've had anywhere else, or that the wine list was better than anywhere else, but i've been to craft steak at mgm, and the steak place at venetian (can't remember the name) and prime is at least as good. i'll be in LV this summer, and will go back to prime.

    1. If I were dining at Prime tomorrow, I'd have:

      Shellfish to start
      Goat cheese panna cotta
      Artichoke and arugula salad
      Steak choice: Peppercorn crusted NY Strip / Other choice: Braised short ribs / Fish choice: Seabass

      Sides: Fingerling potatoes, onion rings ( tempura battered and excellent with every bite of the NY ), chick pea fries ( trust me - you will thank me for this suggestion ), and market beets.

      I obvioiusly wouldn't order all of that but those are, hands down, the best items on the menu in their respective categories, IMO.

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