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Mar 14, 2007 09:36 PM

Group Brunch Venue

Hello - Several family members will be travelling to Austin (from KS, CA, AZ ,CO) the last weekend in March for my cousin's wedding at Lake Travis. My mom is also turning 65 a few days later, so we want to have a brunch for her on Sunday, somewhere around Lake Travis (or the part of Austin closest to Lake Travis), and may have anywhere from 10-20 people there.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a private room where we could hold a brunch? I really would like to find something quaint - not a private room with no windows or ambience - that is moderately priced. It needs to be somewhat near Lake Travis or between LT and Austin.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. Unfortunately your options are pretty limited if you need a place that fits all of this criteria. Hudson's on the Bend is quaint, has private rooms, excellent food and very close to LT, but it ain't cheap. Ditto The Emerald on Hwy 71. There are a few good restaurants between LT and Austin, e.g. Siena, but I don't think many (or any) are open for Sunday brunch.

    1. I suggest calling Brian at Hill Country Pasta House. They have an outside dining area and can no doubt accommodate a party of that size.

      1. The dining options at the Lakeway Inn may work for your group. (Last time I was there) they have a formal dining area as well as a casual dining area that overlooks the lake and the view is very nice. I don't remember being blown away by the food nor do I remember being disappointed. I do remember excellent service and the fabulous view!