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Mar 14, 2007 09:31 PM


I'm traveling to Paris, Madrid and Barcelona in a couple of weeks. Does anyone one know in these three cities where I might be able to purchase a bottle of absinthe? Is it available at the supermarket? And also...what would the cost be...thanks!

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  1. In Paris buy your absinthe at
    Vert d'Absinthe
    Les Caves du Roy
    31, rue Simart
    75018 Paris
    01 42 23 99 11

    Absinthe is not available at the supermarket - but that sure would be convenient - and prices vary.

      1. Even last year I saw Absinthe at the local licquor store. It is now Jan 2009 and Absinthe is now legal in the States.

        It is made with the herb wormwood which is medicinal and a digestive in small quantities but can cause all kinds of problems if you drink too much. Check Mrs. Grieve herbal for info on wormwood properties:

        1. Caves Bossetti and Rue Temple near BHV has a very large selection as well.

          1. The original comment has been removed