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Mar 14, 2007 09:13 PM

downtown LA ~ Saturday pre-concert dinner

We're catching a concert at Staples Center at the end of the month, and I've offered to book the meal. Am not looking for anything too uppity (i.e. Water Grill), but am in search of a pleasant meal with my friend, his s/o, and my fiance.

We're talkers and eaters, so not having to raise our voices is preferred. I think the majority of places around there are inside hotels, but what do I know? Non-French cuisine requested. I'd like to stay in downtown, since it would make things convenient afterwards.


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    1. IMHO Rocket Lounge is pretty horrible food wise and lacks atmosphere. If you want a beautiful room and very good food, I suggest Zucca. It's not that pricey. Also, Engine Company 28 is fun and is in a great historic location---food is good, if a bit inconsistent. Roys has interesting fish but may be a bit too loud.

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        1. I don't know your price range, but I had a great meal at Roy's the other day. It is at 8th and Figueroa, so it's within walking distance of Staples and there is a large public lot across the street. I had dinner with a friend the other night. We shared the combination appetizer, a sampler entree (with three types of fish), another appetizer, a bento box of desserts, and each had mixed drinks. Total after tax was $116. The bar was loud, but we never had to raise our voices, service was attentive, and the food was very good.

          1. How about Ciudad for Spanish tapas? It's nice weather, so you can sit outside in the patio.

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              I second Ciudad, but I think on a Saturday you'd have to sit at the bar (which the patio may qualify as? I'm not sure...) to get the tapas. I recommend the Argentine empanadas & the spiced nuts. Then you won't leave feeling stuffed and drowsy for the concert. Watch how much you order though, the bill can really start to add up....

              Practically across the street from Staples (maybe 1 block away) is Liberty Grill. It has your standard American food & huge portions, almost everything is $10-$20. It was tasty and pleasant enough the one time I went for lunch, and I don't remember it being terribly noisy. I would probably go there often if I lived in the area.

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                Have you been to the Daily Grill? How does Liberty Grill compare to that? I hate Daily Grill.

                1. re: slacker

                  Liberty Grill is better.

                  I tend to think of Daily Grill as a more expensive version of Denny's ...

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    I prefer Denny's over the Daily Grill. I find the food at the Daily Grill just obnoxious.

                  2. re: slacker

                    I ate at Liberty Grill yesterday for lunch and I would say that it's a slight notch above Marie Callendar's, FWIW. The menu is boring and the food is not very well-executed. For example, I had the grilled cheese sandwhich with tomato soup which would seem like a hard dish to mess up, but they did it. My sandwhich had clearly been sitting on a plate for ages (we had to wait for 40 minutes for our food) and had been reheated on the plate to make the cheese somewhat less congealed. Not good. Lunch companions' fries were undercooked and cold. They never remembered to bring the appetizer we ordered so I can't rate that. I think maybe Liberty Grill was better when it first opened, but it's just not good now.