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Mar 14, 2007 08:43 PM

Going anywhere for St. Patrick's Day?

I used to slum it at Crown and Anchor, a British pub in Thousand Oaks, and this year I'm trying to decide whether I go to Molly Malone's, 3rd Stop, or Barney's Beanery. How are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day? If you're dining in, where'd you get the corned beef? If you're going out, where are you headed?

Slainte mhath!

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  1. Wow, you are brave to contemplate Molly Malone's, that place should be a zoo. My friend is making lamb -- she doesn't like corned beef -- and I'm bringing Guinness chocolate silk pie.

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      I'm having moderate hesitations about Molly Malone's but it's within stumbling distance for me, so I have to at least acknowledge it as an option. I guess Tom Bergin's is a bit farther, but still stumblable. 3rd Stop and BB are both cab-worthy, though if I'm already hopping in a cab, then a host of options open up.

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      1. Spaceland!
        Ollin is playing the entire Pogues album "Rum, Sodomy & the Lash" album.

        1. I would avoid eating anything at barney's. They have the worst food. I've been contemplating molly's but haven't celebrated St. Pat's there in at least 6 years. It is always crazy--try to sneak in the back door.

          1. I'll be walking among the Irish pubs to be found in Seal Beach. I've got work stuff in the morning, but the afternoon is all mine to indulge in my Guinness passion. Last year was spent primarily at Hennessey's, but this year I'm aiming to hit O'Malley's too.