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Mar 14, 2007 08:18 PM

Gefilte Fish in Brooklyn?

Used to get it from Ratners. It was the best. Since the closing I've tried Russ and Daughters', Zabar's, and a few unmentionables.

Now I'm looking in Brooklyn. Any brilliant ideas in Boro Park, for instance?

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  1. Fish Tales in Cobble hill has it, but only at Passover.

    1. There was and maybe still is a Jewish Deli that makes its own g-fish in Brighton under the El where all the Russian stores are. Anyone know the name, or whether it is stil there?

      1. there's a place called mealmart on ave j (i think) in brooklyn that has it. however, it's the sweet kind, which i don't like.

        but there must be a good place somewhere in midwood or borough park. I'd like to find one, too, so i'll do some investigating.

        1. Years ago, the NYTImes ran an article on gefilte fish. THey recommended Raskins Fishmarket: 320 Kington Ave. @ President St in Crown Heights. They have many flavors, fresh and frozen. I have been buying the frozen logs, and serving them to people for years. They are amazing. I highly recommend. (worth the culture shock and being ignored by the hasidik men)

          1. Which one of the frozen logs do you like best? I usually like the A&B brand(the one with less sugar).