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Mar 14, 2007 08:04 PM

Just heard of two in Manch, NH - Korean & Vietnamese - Anyone?

Just got word of two great places in Manch. Anyone been. Korean place west of merrimack - Sara? Person says it's much better then the one by Palace Theatre (which I did enjoy some time ago). This person also highly recommended a Vietnamese place on Queen City Ave - Golden Bowl. He said awesome!!!

Just read "Best of" in Hippo and will have to hit some places that I haven't tried. But I certainly think some of these votes may be swayed/scammed by the business owners. I know for a fact that one business in no way was voted first place by their customers.

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  1. Golden Bowl is good--try the salt & pepper pork chops and the grilled quail. Good pho.

    Have not heard about the Korean place--there's also one in Nashua that just opened in the old Rice n Roll spot.

    1. I've been to Golden Bowl several times, it's quite good. I usually get pho and potstickers.

      1. kewl, I think we'll be trying this place today.

        1. Very very good lunch today at Golden Bowl - (take out though). Had a nice viet. chix salad, both goi cuon garden rolls & the fried spring rolls (yummy), also got the special pho and that salt and pepper pork chops. I can't wait to sit down and dine there and try more - I love a good pad thai. We grazed all afternoon while working. :-) Very nice find in Manchester. We love Vietnamese and have our favorites in the Lowell, Dracut area and now we can get our fix in Manch. - thanks for the recommendations.