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Mar 14, 2007 07:55 PM

Salt Creek Grille opening on Sepulveda near Manhattan Beach - any bets on it?

This is going in at the new plaza in El Segundo on Sepulveda, near a Sur la Table, just down from the new Whole Foods/Best Buy/bookstore/Cost Plus ...

It's a chain. Never tried it before. Not having high hopes but thought I'd ask.

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  1. I use to go to the one in Dana Point, but it is just too far to drive. I did like the food back then, but it was a few years ago. They are also known for their jazz music, as you can tell from the web site and their outside firepit, which I do like. I would be willing to try it again.

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      Thanks. We'll give them a try for the outside firepit, if one of those pops up!

    2. Looks like it may be a while ... very much under construction still.

      1. I've been to the one in Dana Point several times. The holiday buffet is fair. Took Mom for Mother's Day. We also ate there on Thanksgiving - the food was good, and the service was excellent. They had a special menu, but not a buffet. I've never eaten off the regular menu.

        1. Visited the Valencia branch once, had a decent piece of broiled sword fish; but this joint exists to see drinks.

          1. The one in Dana Point is a nice enough place with good service, a good menu, and a large outdoor patio...... salads and sandwiches are good, but we find the main entrees to be only so-so. Nothing really bad, just lacking in any special flavors. They are a chain in that they have five (?) locations, but one would hope for a little creativity or special touch from the kitchen. It's been my understanding that the owners used to be with the Islands chain. Doesn't necessarily mean anything except maybe that they're working on a 'lowest common denominator' concept.