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Mar 14, 2007 07:42 PM

squid ink pasta

Where can I get this here? Is there any place that makes it fresh?

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  1. Joso's, for the quintessential experience, as they also have the best calamari in the city. Enjoy!

    1. Sorry, I meant to make at home. But thanks for the tip. I love Calamari so will give Joso's a try.

      1. I've seen fresh squid ink pasta at Pusateri's on Bay.

        1. Hi! I don't know of anywhere you can pick it up locally, but you can order it online. has a few different pastas, including a lobster and shrimp ravioli with squid ink dough. Sounds incredible. I might actually have to order some. I have also heard that you can order it at Dean and Deluca's web site, but their web site is really cranky and I can't get in right now. Since most of their products are well over-priced, I am assuming their squid ink pasta will be as well. The stuff at Alfonsogourmet will run you between $8.99 per lb. for fettucine and linguine to $12.99 per lb. for items like black squid ink and white egg dough striped bow tie pasta (very cute). You can also purchase Castellana Trece Nere at (one of my favorite online grocers) for under $8.00 for about lb.

          Hope this helps.

          1. Queen's Pasta uses squid ink in their Striped Butternut Squash Agnolotti. It used to be the only thing I'd order but is now off limits (as I am a vegetarian). Gawd, I wish they never told me!

            They have an outlet in Etobicoke, where you can pick it up, either frozen or fresh.