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Mar 14, 2007 07:38 PM

REAL Dim Sum in Orlando?

Is there such a place that offers the real deal?

Help Orlando ChowHounds!

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  1. Go to Ming's Bistro.

    One block north of Colonial on Mills, turn right at the 7-Eleven. You will see her sign on the building even though restaurant is at the other end. Dim sum every day, but carts only on the weekend. Get some soup and order off the dim sum menu.

    Moderators get upset at me, but tell Ming I sent you.

    Best in town. I eat there 2-3 times a month.


    1. Now that's a Rec, I will take!

      Carts and all?

      I will go on Sat and let you know my thoughts.

      Thanks Bob

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      1. re: OrlandoChef

        How busy are they on the weekends? Is there a "slow" time to aim for?

        1. re: ladyevelyn

          You may have to wait half an hour on the weekends, but the outdoor waiting area is shaded--and the dim sum is worth the wait.

      2. Bumping this one...

        By far, Ming (or Ming's) Bistro is the best dim sum in the area. They do have the carts on the weekends.

        They also have great crispy roasted pork as well.

          1. re: kkachurak

            Everything except the Tripe! Yuck.

            1. re: kkachurak

              Stick with the safe bets...shrimp dumpling, pork dumpling, pork wrapped in bean curd (looks like small, wet egg rolls...but delicious), BBQ pork bun, fried shrimp ball, and sesame ball for dessert. Make a dipping sauce out of soy and hot chile and order hot tea to drink. Enjoy!