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Mar 14, 2007 07:03 PM

Dim Sum near SF City College?

This seems like a long shot, but maybe someone knows of a decent dim sum place in the wasteland out near SF City College - out near Ocean Ave and the Balboa BART station.

My wife has a Chinese class that wants to have a lunch this Friday near the campus. I suspect that there is nothing really excellent in the area (based on my reading of other dim sum posts) but you never know...

One possibility that occurs to me is that they could do a trip to Koi Palace out in Serramonte area - anyone know if they are open for lunch on weekdays, and if there would be reasonable lines to get in.

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  1. Imperial Garden on San Bruno (near 101 & Silver) is pretty close to there, has a parking lot,and is pretty good. It's also big, so fine for a group.

    1. Koi Palace is an easy 10-15 minute drive right down 280 from City College (Serramonte Blvd. exit.) It is open on weekdays (11:00) and lists a reservation number on its website:

      "For reservations call (650) 992-9000"

      Here's a link: