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Mar 14, 2007 06:52 PM

Get Fresh Rotisserie Quincy - Review

Sometimes I feel like I've eaten in every restaurant in Quincy, so I was excited to have such a great experience in a new place. Last Friday, my husband and I tried out the Get Fresh Rotisserie and Grill on Hancock Street in Quincy. It's a little hard to find - tucked around the corner on the way to the Quincy Center T. In fact, unless you were looking for it you'd be hard pressed to stumble across it, which is really a shame.

I'd heard good things about the food so we decided to go for dinner even though I guess it is more of a lunch place. When we first walked in I was a little leary because it really does have a sandwich shop feel to it with just a couple of tables. However, it is nicely decorated and quite cosy, plus I'd already been tempted by the sight of one of the specials - roasted salmon with panko flakes, pistachios and lemon.

The salmon turned out to be a great choice - absolutely delicious and a complete steal at under $10 for a good piece of fish, great rice pilaf and a tasty salad with balsamic vinaigrette. My husband got their half chicken meal with macaroni and cheese and roasted vegetables. He has since declared that it's the best roast chicken he has had in a long time, and the mac and cheese was outstanding. It wasn't baked, rather it was prepared in a skillet in a really flavorful, creamy sauce.

After all that we still made room for homemade tiramisu cake which was divine. The owner, Julie, made a point of introducing herself, and I think it's the first time ever in Quincy that I've been in a restaurant where every customer who came in greeted Julie by name and seemed to be an old friend.

So, in summary, we had great comfort food, dessert and drinks for under $30 for both of us. It is definitely a very casual place and we had to fetch our own drinks and clear our own tables, but it seems like a small price to pay. They also have take out which seems like a great option for those nights I'm just too tired to cook. I would definitely give this place two thumbs up.

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  1. I was just in that area and can't picture it between the T & the STop & Shop office building? Do they serve beer and wine?

    1. I believe it's in Quincy Center on the left side facing the Faxon Building. That is across the street from President's Place and to the right of city hall. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I saw it the other day during a stop at city hall.

      1. Sounds fantastic - thanks for the review. I can't wait to try it!

        1. Julie is a great cook and a wonderful person. She used to be the chef at Fava. If I lived anywhere near her place I would be eating there at least 3x a week.

          1. I'll have to track it down and try it out. Is it in the same block as the Gypsy Kitchen and the Fudge place? I was just there yesterday and didn't see it. Is it open in the evenings for dinner?