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Ethiopian in SD

I worked for the National Park Service for a summer in DC 2 years back and a co-worker introduced me to Ethiopian food in this neighborhood which name escape me (Adams maybe?).

A craving for this food has left me to ask you guys some recs. I have only heard of Awash. I think the area around Super cocina has quite a few.

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  1. I think Red Sea and Harar are still in business. Since Asmara closed 5 or 6 years ago, I haven't had any outstanding Ethiopian in SD, but I would sure like to hear about what you find.


    1. There's a little Ethiopian place on El Cajon Blvd. somewhere near where it crosses with Idaho? (I could be wrong on the cross street). I ate there once and thought it was pretty good. Definitely worth trying anyway.

      (The area you're referring to in DC is Adams Morgan.)

      1. Awash is the only one I've been to (near El Cajon Blvd and 50th) and I thought it was pretty good. Of course, I have nothing to compare it to, so I could be way off. But it's tasty and fun and the owners are really nice. There's another one further west on El Cajon (I think it is near Idaho St) but we've never stopped in there.

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          Any particular reccs for dishes? I like the collard green stew last time I had it.

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            We usually get one of their combo plates. I've had the vegetarian one, the beef, and the lamb. They bring it out on one big plate lined with that spongy bread. The combo comes with the meat prepared 3 ways. I prefer the lamb one. My friend enjoyed the veggie one, with lentils, maybe greens, and one other vegetable.

        2. Granger's (or did they ever end up changing their signage?). Just east of Texas, north side, funky little faded green building.

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          1. Adam's Morgan is the area of DC with alot of Ethipian joints

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            1. I have only been to Red Sea though a few times over the past year. Overall, its a good place and cheap. I especially like the lamb dish (I forget the name, but its sauted strips/bits of lamb, not with bones). The vegetarian plate is also worth while.

              Oh, and for some reason, I really like the ethiopian beer...

              1. Harar is the absolute best! I love their eggplant dish.