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QQ Noodle, Fremont - Awesome Beijing Noodles

If u want Beijing style noodles come here!! I went here based on a web review. This location has been about 4 Chinese restaurants before but that's because it doesn't get enough foot traffic and in a boring strip mall.

The place has been painted and made more modern, brighter, and seems clean.

Coming from work I just wanted to do take-out for my first time. They only have 33 items on their take-out menu. The noodle dishes are pictured so you can pick what you want easily.

I had #8 House Special Sour & Spicy w/ Pork Noodle Soup $6.50. For take-out they put the soup in a container, and the noodles on a flat Styrofoam container. The noodles are AWESOME. The Chef is from Beijing and he knows what he's doing. I didn't see him make it but it took me about 15 min. to get my food. The broth was reddish in color w/ tiny cuts of carrots, minced pork, onions. It wasn't very hot or sour to me.

Also got #10-Hot & Spicy Beef Stew Noodle Soup $6.50-The Noodles looked the same as #8 so hubby will eat that, but the Beef Stew is Really Good! Very tender and good flavor. It comes w/ red peppers but don't eat them! Soup just ok.

I recommend it for their noodles, but get them NO SOUP..Dry Style w/ stuff on top!

My total with tax was $15.12, not that cheap but it's worth it. Hope they can make it. Only been open since Feb 2007.

Separate men & women bathrooms. They Take Credit Cards!

Here's the entire menu:

1. House special sour & spicy pork sauce noodles $6.50/$6.95
2. San Hao Soy Bean Paste Sauce Noodles $6.25/$6.75 -waitress recommended, I'll get it next time.
3. Dry Soy Bean Paste Sauce Noodles $6.25/$6.75
4. Tomato & Eggs Sauce Noodles $6.25/$6.75
5. House Special noodle soup $6.25/$6.75
6. Eggs chow mein $6.75/$7.25
7. Shredded pork chow mein $6.75/$7.25
8. House special sour & spicy w/ pork noodle soup $6.5/$6.95
9. Sour mustard & pork noodle soup $6.25/$6.75
10. Hot & Spicy beef stew noodle soup $6.5/$6.95
11. Hot & spicy fish noodle soup $6.5/$6.95
12. Braised beef noodle soup $6.5/$6.95
13. Braised spareribs noodles soup $6.5/$6.95
14. Seafood noodle soup $7.95/$8.50
15. Spareribs soup in hot pot noodles $7.25/$7.75
16. Chicken & black mushroom soup in hot pot noodles $7.25/$7.75
17. Long time boiled thick noodle soup & pork $8.25/$8.75
18. Long time boiled thick noodle soup & beef $8.25/$8.75
19. Long time boiled thick noodle soup & seafood $8.5/$8.95

Small Plates Cold Dishes:
20. Five spiced peanut $2.5
21. Five spiced horsebean $2.5 - what is this?
22. Fried peanut $2.5
23. Sliced pork ear w/ hot oil sauce $2.5
24. beef tendon w/ hot oil sauce $2.5
25. sliced beef w/ hot oil sauce $2.5
26. Tripe w/ hot oil sauce $2.5
27. Beef book tripe w/ hot oil sauce $2.5
28. rice jello w/ hot oil sauce $2.5
29. Sliced pork w/ garlic soy vinaigrette (sic) $2.5
30. tofu w/ preserved egg $2.5
31. Tofu w/ shallot $1.99
32. Shredded bean curd w/ celery, carrot $2.5
33. House made pickles $1.99

QQ Noodle
3625 Thornton Ave (in the Sunset Village strip mall, near Paseo Padre Pkwy)
Fremont CA 94536
Ph: 510-713-0228
Open Daily: Sun-Thu 11am-9pm; Fri-Sat 11am-9:30pm

my pics:

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  1. Thanks for the report, I'll have to check it out!

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    1. re: DezzerSF

      We had #2 San Hao Soy Bean Paste Sauce Noodles and #10 Hot & Spicy Beef stew noodle soup. Same handpulled noodles in all dishes I believe, but I really liked the noodles in the #2 dish, which was served with julienned romaine lettuce. The sauce, which had a unique spicy flavor, really enhanced the texture of the noodles. The Beef stew had a generous portion of beef at $6.95, very tender and perfectly slow cooked. We ordered takout around 6pm Sat night, and it was empty when I picked up. I hope it can stay in business!

    2. Wow, great pics. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Hmmm no dumplings and no baked items/flatcakes that would make the offerings complete. Perhaps that is in the works in the near future? Any idea if they would offer the soy milk and fried donut stick/cruller/yoh tieou on weekends?

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        1. re: K K

          There's a QQ Noodle in Sacramento (as well as similarly named spots in Singapore and Australia). Is this part of a group or just a common name?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Probably a common name. Not sure about China, but QQ in Taiwan spoken amongst Mandarin and Taiwanese (aka a derivation of the Fujianese dialect) speakers means something that's bouncy/toothsome to the bite. The Cantonese equivalent would be "dahn nga" (bounces off your tooth). Sadly this term gets overused so much by "gourmets" all over, from instant to fresh noodles to raw fish/squid, intestines, tapioca balls and anything chewy to some extent (but not rubbery). I can't wait until someone starts using the term towards liquids and gases...

            1. re: K K

              I've seen Singapore bloggers use the term QQ to mean something like al dente as well.

              1. re: Gary Soup

                You are spot on with the Italian equivalent of QQ, which transposes to al dente in a sense if applied to cooked noodles (but probably not to tapioca balls or squid sashimi).

                I recently coined the term "al dahn nga" (a spin off of dahn nga "toothsome" with al dente) to poke fun of my fellow Hong Kong budding gourmets (the annoying HK TV food program hosts that overuse them at every turn.)

        2. Had dinner here 3/22/07. We had handpulled noodle #2-San Hao Soy Bean Paste Sauce Noodles $6.75-comes in a huge bowl w/ some lettuce, sauce is on the side. I should have just put in a little bit..but I poured the whole sauce thing w/ the noodles. It's still the best noodles, but the sauce is way too spicy and salty. I won't get it again.

          Hubby got #12-braised beef noodle soup.. $6.95. He loved it. We tried it before as take-out but he enjoyed it more at the restaurant.

          Also tried 3 small plates:
          #23-sliced pork ear w/ hot oil sauce $2.5-hubby liked it..I thought it was too spicy.
          #27-beef book tripe w/ hot oil sauce $2.5-he liked it..not my favorite
          #29-sliced pork w/ garlic soy vinaigrette $2.5-it's my favorite though it can be very salty & garlicky..I found the meat very tender and great. Maybe less sauce would be better. She gave us a small thing of house made pickles FREE that I liked.

          Total before tip $23.05..so cheap for 2 noodles & 3 small plates. We have lots of left overs.


          1. wow that looks great. the menu also looks quite extensive.

            1. Horse Beans are fava beans. From their position on the menu, I'm guessing they might be the crunchy roasted version, beloved in Shanghai as wuxiang dou (think Chinese Cornnuts!)

              1. Thanks for telling about this place. I went there to try it out and was a little disappointed. It is good but not great. They seemed to have some noodle shortage issues which caused the batch of noodles I tried to be too chewy (pretty abnormal) when we tried.

                Full review with pictures:


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                1. re: tanspace

                  Thanks for the link. Forgot about your blog and missed your posts and it was nice catching up on your reviews.

                  1. re: Chandavkl

                    I'll second that. Ed must have been hibernating and awakened with an appetite. No posts since November, then 9 in 12 days so far in April ;-)

                  2. re: tanspace

                    I'd be interested in hearing/reading your review on Everyday Beijing in San Mateo and compare the two.

                    Though I do share your bias/love for Taiwanese beef noodle soup versus the Northern mainland/Hong Kong version, which is basically beef shank(?) with cross cut tendons versus brisket. Sadly Sinbala in Cupertino uses the brisket cut, versus A&J's cross cut that's more in line.

                    1. re: K K

                      Minor point, but it seems to me that it's usually beef plate rather than brisket versus the cross-cut.

                      My wife (Shaghainese) like the cross-cut shank too, for soup. Come to think of it, it's the ONLY beef cut she ever buys.

                      1. re: Gary Soup

                        I remember trying the Sinbala version a long time ago and all I remember was it was bad! Bad broth, bad meat, and bad noodles.

                        The best Niu Rou Mian in the bay area often uses the cross cut beef shanks. But in Taiwan all sorts of beef are used, oftentimes brisket or other cuts as shanks are more expensive. The difference of course is even those are more tender and flavorful than what we get here.

                        Have you tried the ASJ in San Jose (The replacement to the original A&J San Jose). I like their Niu Rou Mian the best for now. The broth is stronger than the A&J Cupertino version. Noodles are comparable but slightly better also. I would rank them as the tops in the bay area.


                        1. re: tanspace

                          I think Sinbala in Arcadia serves a better bowl than Sinbala Cupertino. So not sure what is up. In any case Sinbala Cupertino has worn out its magic.

                          Funny you mention ASJ. My college buddy is a frequent customer there and used to go to A&J's Cupertino many times for years. Though I have yet to go to ASJ as it is a bit far for a quick lunch getaway for me. The owner of ASJ used to work at A&J, and its current location used to be an old A&Js and I think she took over the business. I'll have to find time to check it out.

                          You're right about shanks. Some of the nicer NRM/BNS places in Taipei that do use shanks charge the equivalent of US$6, which is expensive for them/cheap for us, but very high quality, slow cooked broth with daikon, bones, and tons of other things. Then again there are stupid silly places that pride itself in US$100 bowls, but might not taste as great as a $6 or $9 one. Oh well back to drooling.

                          1. re: tanspace

                            A&J is ASJ now? Maybe the jokes are true about Chinese restaurants that change hands choosing names that will save on sign-making expenses. Did they just paint over part of the ampersand? ;-)

                    2. adding a link

                      Q Q Noodle
                      3625 Thornton Ave, Fremont, CA 94536