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Mar 14, 2007 06:33 PM

Anything new in Charlotte?

I have a sitter next week and will be going out to dinner. Anything new on the scene worth trying. I like any cuisine. What about Lulu, what type of food is it?
I have some stand-bys like Sole, Copper, i, Cuisine Malaya, Greek Isles and LaTorre's, but would be interested in trying somehting new. (Probably don't want to spend over $75)

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  1. Lulu is a bistro. Casual, relaxed, french-inspired. The mix of American food is there too (wraps, burger) but they do a great job with the duck, the herbed chicken, pretty much anything with goat cheese involved, and a really good bowl of french onion soup, I'm sure among other things. Portion sizes are good, prices are reasonable, atmosphere is good, and I would think you would have no trouble sticking to your budget.

    1. Customshop opens next week. I've seen the menu and it looks good. I love Lulu, of course. And I'd love to see more people discover Creation.

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        Details on customshop and creation? location and cuisine?

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          Has anyone been to Customshop yet? The writeup in Creative Loafing a few weeks ago was nice. I don't think I've seen any reviews of it here yet though. I may just have to go try it for myself. ;)

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            Helen Schwab wrote about it March 30 for her feature, First Bites. FB isn't a full review; like most newspapers, The Observer usually doesn't review restaurants until they've been open for several months. Here's part of what she wrote:
            "Clear, full flavors burst and ooze from these plates, from a buttery scrambled egg dotted with delicate peekytoe crabmeat to rich sliced tuna carpaccio, from lamb with hash browns to cod with tomato fondue (almost jam). Unless you're getting something like the English pea gnocchi with blue shrimp - a little more obviously idiosyncratic - you need to pay attention: This isn't a menu that'll smack you upside the head with its uniqueness. It's the textures and clarity and roundedness that are impressive in this collaboration of chef Trey Wilson and consulting chef David Pasternack (of NYC's Esca), and John Sergi and J.J. Levine. With no single entree over $20, expect restrained but reasonable portions, though sides are a mite small for $6. The chocolate brownie souffle's a steal at $7. The wine list is devoid of vintages but chock-full of interesting choices. ("Wines by the `Fourth' " means slightly more than a 6-ounce pour.)"

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              Thanks for posting that Kathleen. I'm looking forward to trying it.

        2. customshop is on Elizabeth.

          Some other options, Carpe Diem, Barrington's- Sugar Magnolias

          1. I second Kathleen on Creation. It's faux Asian/fusion with an emphasis on noodles and rice dishes. Lots of coconut milk items and relatively cheap compared to the other places suggested. It's got a nice atmosphere. It's in Plaza Midwood across the street from the Harris Teeter and behind Thomas Street. Commonwealth? Sorry don't remember the street name.

            Lulu's also has a terrific burger with genius fries.

            Also good:
            * Ilios Noche way down in Providence if you live in south, south Charlotte or are willing to drive. (Not very new. A couple of years?)
            * Nolen Kitchen -- same owners as Ilios Noche but in Myers Park. Off Selwyn.
            * Mac's Speed Shop on South Blvd near South End if you're looking for more casual and fantastic non-Carolina BBQ. Brisket sandwich is my favorite. Most seating is on stools at high table tops, not the most comfortable. (More than a year old.)
            * Rooster's -- I've heard it's good but haven't been yet; it opened in December, I think. (Would love to hear others' input; am thinking of taking out of town guests there this weekend but am not sure. Any thoughts?)

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              I wrote a detailed post about Lulu after a few visits there, in case you want to read more:

              I can't wait to try customshop.

              We will have to try Creation again. I was not impressed the first time we were there, but it comes highly recommended...