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Mar 14, 2007 06:30 PM

Red Hook Friday Night

Hi all,
My fiancee and I are going out with my soon to be sister in law on Friday. We were thinking of trying out a place in Red Hook. Which one is more festive/tastier? 360, Bouillabaise, or Good Fork.

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  1. i think you cant go wrong with 360. while good fork is okay and slightly more packed these days, 360's food and price is an absolute steal.

    follow it up with drinks at sunnys on conover.

    1. We recently tried The Good Fork and 360 and thought 360 was the superior restaurant. The Good Fork was still good, just not as impressive as 360 in terms of food and service.

        1. re: nicopad

          I love Bouillabaisse 126 - sweet place, really really good food. The mixed seafood stew or the bouillabaise (obviously) are both excellent and they have a poached pear with gorgonzola appetizer that is out of this world.

        2. maybe i should recount my last meal at 360...a shitake mushroom appetizer with leek flan, followed by a braised pork belly with sausage chili compote...followed by pot du creme...

          for $25...


          1. I think that Bouillabaisse 126 is more "special" (in atmosphere) than 360. Note that it is not in Red Hook, but in the close by Columbia St. neighborhood (that part of old Carroll Gardens that was cut off by the construction of the BQE)