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Dresden Room?

Should I bother with this place? I think I'm looking for an "old LA" kinda place for dinner...something fun with ambiance and (hopefully good) food. Full bar a must.


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  1. Nope. Go for a drink if you must experience Marty and Elayne, but eating there is not recommended. Go to Musso and Frank, Taylors, the Tam O'Shanter...even Freres Taix is probabably marginally better than the Dresden food.

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      Concur. Marty and Elayne are an "experience," best accompanied by a scotch, gin and tonic, or the like... The friends and I will stop by to chill before or after other shennanigans, but certainly don't make it a destination in and of itself.

    2. This is definitely an "old LA" place and worth the experience. I wouldnt suggest you go for the food necessarily, it is nothing mind blowing- but not bad by any means either. There is absolutely a full bar- and hopefully Marty and Elaine crooning in the corner as they have been for the last 20 plus years..I always take friends here when they come to visit- (usually just for drink)- just so they can experience this place..

      1. yeah agree with the above.

        1. I ate there. Didn't like the food, very average...had one of the steaks....basically tasted like hotel room service food......but I really did enjoy dining in the dining room...i really dug the decoration...felt like I was in a 70s Bond movie.....and the old school servers were great.

          1. Disagree with everyone. Get the Prime Rib.

            Food is as good as Musso and Frank's, but with entertainment. FAR more entertaining than any of the other places listed here.

            1. The food is good. It's just a bunch of spoiled "foodies" always mess things up

              1. My friends talked me into having dinner at the Dresden Room tonight --- I suggested we eat someplace else and have drinks here afterwards. But they called me a food snob and told me to deal with it.

                So, what should I order? There was one recommendation for Prime Rib. Does anyone concur?

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                  Make sure to try the Blood and Sand cocktail--don't ask me what is in it but it is part of the "experience." It is one of their specialties. I have no input on food.

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                    Walk in have a Drink and Leave! It's got a nice retro feel and the entertainment is kindo okay (just long enough for one drink)

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                    Absolutely have the prime rib. It is quite good, the sides are more than livable, enjoy the show, and tell the snobs ...
                    However, drinks and show are the real deal here, especially the martinis, as they have been seemingly forever. Wine not much though - just your basics.

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                      So, I had the prime rib and it was fabulous! As my side, I had a perfectly cooked baked potato. After dinner we watched Marty & Elayne in the bar area and I had a "sand & blood" cocktail, which I learned has various kinds of rum in it. It was a little sweet for me, but I still enjoyed it.

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                        Tell your friends you're not a snob, you just refuse to pay for mediocre food. it's your $$

                        Beides, isn't it a lot more fun to go to a few places and make a night of it?

                      2. I went there about 3 weeks ago.

                        The food was great, service was even better. It's old school, the place has charm.

                        Lunch is a bargin.

                        1. I really like this place, but it is more about the ambience than the food. That said, I've always been totally happy and satisfied with the food there, and the service could not be nicer.

                          And I don't know if they still do this, but I think if it's the month of your birthday and you eat with a party of 4 or more, your meal is free.

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