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Mar 14, 2007 06:25 PM

Recs for bagels/breakfast in East Village?

Coming from San Francisco, headed for Manhattan later in March for semi-annual fix of good music and food, and I'm staying in the East Village (near Tompkins Square park). I've read on the boards here that my all-time favorite bagel place, Essa, is closed at the location closer to where i'll be, so I'm looking for alternatives for bagels and classic take-away breakfast sandwiches in the East Village. I've been such a die-hard Essa fan that I've never even tried H&H, but I guess I'll have to be open to it this time. (And yes, I'll still probably make the trek to Essa's other location for my dozen to take home....)

Any suggestions? thanks!

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  1. Sausage, egg and cheese on an everything from David's Bagels is a weekend tradition. Their bagels are among the best in the city. 1st Ave just below 14th.

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      I thought David's Bagels were among the worst I have ever had in my life. Chewy and soft - you're better off having a Lenders than one of those things.

      1. re: Mazzer

        Love David's... toasted everything bagel with cream cheese, tomato and lox...

      2. Pegmj - Are you referring to Ess-A-Bagel on 21st St and 1st Ave? I went by there the other day and they looked open. Can anyone else weigh in?

        1. Ess-A-Bagel's website doesn't say anything about the 21st st. location being closed. Where did you hear that, Pegmj? If it is indeed still open, I definitely recommend them! However, David's are amazing as well (I'm so lucky - or cursed - to live on 1st and 11th - right by them).

          1. My mistake! I misread a post about Essa - whew! But, I'd like to try some other places as well, so thanks for the replies so far and keep em coming......