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Mar 14, 2007 06:11 PM

If you've seen it give me a hell yeah if you haven't, search "instant classic" and view a sample of what gary vaynerchuk has to offer....the best wine info. you've ever/will ever see!!!

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  1. I'm a fan...I love it when he tastes a wine I have tasted, it's easy to calibrate your palate to his. He has a great ability to appreciate and describe the pluses and minuses of both new- and old-world-style wines. A very enthusiastic teacher and hilarious...the epsiode outside during the blizzard was totally classic!

      1. His best recent description (I paraphrase)--it smells like sewer, but good sewer. I've already stolen that line becasue I've definitely had wines for which it was apt.

        1. big props to gary vay...ner...chuk! wltv is awesome!

          1. he's no funnier than a bad comedian... at least to my tastes. and unfortunately he doesn't get many wine-related thoughts across due to his insistence on injecting "humor" into his videos. anyhow, i'm quite sure this topic will be removed by the chowhound team since it's not related to any one subject other than likes-or-dislikes.

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                Agree with you that Gary's angle on reviewing wines focuses more on the entertainment and humor side, but I appreciate his light hearted nature and it's a welcome break from the usual dry, written reviews. Wish I had thought of it first...