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Mar 14, 2007 06:06 PM

Is Tony Luke's still open?????

I went walking around 9th today near 42nd and didn't see it. I looked it up online and it said between 41st and 42nd. Did they close down? When you go to the tony lukes home and click on tony lukes nyc it takes you to a page called danielas gourmet. What is up with this?

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  1. I believe it has closed, and turned into something else. Sorry.

    1. It is now named Shorty's. Same menu, same staff, different bread.

      1. I've heard mixed things about quality....maybe downhill....Have you heard anything about that?

        I owe you a phone call nycbbq......

        1. downhill confirmed. tried the tony luke holy grail -- pork/broccoli rabe, etc -- on a post-turnover visit and was let down. not a horrible, horrible experience, but there was something missing -- a little seasoning, something in the provolone perhaps -- that made me pine for the "good old days."

          1. can anybody recommend a good replacement for the pork/greens sandwich in NYC? i just had one at DiNic's in philly and am addicted.