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Mar 14, 2007 05:45 PM

Authentic Barbeque

Is there anywhere in Chicago to get slow smoked b-b-q, the kind that's been nurtured over wood for 12 hours?

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  1. The short answer is yes. The long answer is that there are lots and lots of places and opinions if you read through this extended recent discussion:

    1. If you are willing to drive to the burbs, there is a great place called "Salt Creek BBBQ". They have two locations--the original one is in Elk Grove, on Devon, just west of O'Hare. The other is in Glendale Heights, on North Ave.a couple of miles west of 355--it's across from Menards.

      There is also a place in Plainfield/Joliet called Baby Back Clues. It's in a little nook of a strip mall on Route 30 just west of I-55.

      These are the 2 best places that I know of around here--and they are definitely worth the drive.

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        Salt Creek BBQ is in Batavia now, at the corner of Randall Road and McKee Street at the edge of Menard's parking lot. They just opened 3/8, I had a decent pulled pork on 3/9 and plan on stopping again as it"s about 6 blocks from my home.

      2. That would be Baby Back Blues in Plainfield
        23145 W. Lincoln Hwy
        Plainfield 60544
        Wife and I chowed there last night on a mess o'ribs and pulled pork. The place's decor is either an s-hole or perfect, depending on your taste (I think it's perfect). but the food is way good. comparable to many BBQ places in the south, and surpassing BBQ eaten recently in Dallas.
        Fab coleslaw, and a good throw on the fountain drinks.

        1. In the 'burbs, I keep pushing Uncle Bub's in west suburban Westmont. It's on Cass Ave. two blocks south of the Burlington tracks. Full range of BBQ offerings, a lot of smoke, and pretty good sides, all made in-house. Not a chain.