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Mar 14, 2007 05:09 PM

One dinner in Toronto tonight!

I'm in town for one night. I've never been here before. I'ld like to eat a meal I can't eat anywhere else that's delicious. I'm open to everything, all cuisines, all prices. I am staying by the CN Tower, but can venture out.

Please give me a rec!

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  1. Since you need a quck response: go to jamie kennedy wine bar (aka jkwb) on church st. or if in town on expense go to Susur on king st. (ask you concierge for details).


    1. If you go to JK Wine Bar, be sure to sit at the bar.
      Another place that is getting rave reviews these days is Colborne Lane on Colborne St., just north of Wellington, east of Yonge - you should also be able to dine at the bar without a reservation.