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Mar 14, 2007 04:53 PM

Visiting the Twin Cities: Any one have any suggestions?


My wife and I are visiting the twin cities later this month-- does anyone have any suggestions for Fine Dining??


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  1. I used to spend a lot of time in downtown Minneapolis on business trips. If you are anywhere near Brit's Tavern - you should go for lunch! They have GREAT Scotch Eggs, loads of good British Food & Soccer on every screen! YUM!

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      Just a note to clarify for our visitor--Brit's Pub may have great Scotch eggs (personally, I haven't tried them so I can't comment--but,I will have to put them on my ever expanding list of things to try), but it's not fine dining...


    2. Here's my Twin Cities fine-dining mantra:

      Vincent - Alma - La Belle Vie - Lucia's - 112 - yuuuuuum!

      Except for Lucia's, these places are all in/near downtown Minneapolis. Lucia's is in Uptown, which is only a few miles from downtown. (Disclaimer, I haven't been to La Belle Vie yet, but I'll take others' words for it that it's very good.)

      Vincent - A Restaurant:

      Restaurant Alma:

      La Belle Vie:

      Lucia's Restaurant & Wine Bar:

      112 Eatery:


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      1. re: AnneInMpls

        I think Anne has nailed it. I would suggest that La Belle Vie is taking some shots about being overpriced.

        If I was ranking this list it would be as follows: Alma - Vincent - 112- Lucia's - LBV.

        I would move 112 up to the lead if the original poster hadn't been so clear about "Fine Dining". (112 is pretty casual.)

        1. re: SLBunge

          112 Eatery is by far the best restaurant in Minneapolis. The second floor bar on a Friday night is my idea of heaven. I agree about that lamb is almost better cold. I order an extra order just to take home and eat later.

        2. This is another recent thread you might be interested in. This person didn't ask for "fine dining" recommendations, but wanted some nicer options than sausages and burgers etc. Also, there is some discussion of breakfast options, etc. which might interest you.

          If you can get over to St. Paul, Heartland (which calls itself a contemporary Midwestern restaurant) does a nice job with locally-sourced, artisanal ingredients.

          And in Minneapolis, I love 112 Eatery (the stringozzi with lamb sugo and the fried cauliflower call to me) The atmosphere is a notch off of the typical fine dining feel, I think, but the service and food are both exceptional.

          Please report back after your visit!


          1. To expand upon Anne's list, I would add the following:

            Cosmos - contemporary fine dining. There's been a change of chefs in the the past few months, but I've had several great meals there in the past and would expect that it's still great.

            D'Amico Cucina - In it's day, this was THE place to eat. Fine Italian. I haven't been in years, but have heard good things about it still.

            Chambers Kitchen - This is the current hip darling of the restaurant world. It oozes trend but I've had two very solid meals.

            Cafe Lurcat - I like this restaurant very much although I know that there are others who don't think it's all that great. It has a wonderful location - looking out on to Loring Park - and I've always enjoyed my meals - simple preparations of good food.

            Between Anne's and my list, IMHO I'd say that La Belle Vie, D'Amico, and Vincent are at the more formal end of the spectrum, Alma, Lurcat, and 112 to be less formal than the first three and then Chambers and Lucia's to be less formal than all the others.

            Two caveats on the last declaration. 1) This is Minneapolis -- you'll hardly ever see people dressed up (e.g., coat and tie) just for dining. 2) Each of these place has a much different vibe than the other. Even though I say that Chambers and Lucia's are less formal, you'd get a different feel from each.

            1. It's not exactly fine dining but it's a mighty fine and interesting breakfast. Where you ask? Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis. Expect to wait if you go on the weekend. 89 South 10th Street 612-332-4700