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Mar 14, 2007 04:39 PM

Little Tokyo Shabu Shabu in Rowland Heights

Has anyone tried this new restaurant in the Diamond Plaza (1330 S Fullerton Road, #108
(626) 810-6037) in Rowland Heights? What do you think? How does it compare to other Shabu Shabu restaurants in the area and elsewhere. I see it each time we go to New Capital (which is just upstairs and a little bit over from it) for dim sum, and have been curious, but have not yet tried it

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  1. It's okay. Nothing special. Get the beef selection. The seafood one was really not worth it. A handful of skimpy seafood for a hefty price tag. It seems like a trendy, busy restaurant. We liked what we had, but haven't been scrambling to get back there by any stretch of the imagination.

    1. You have to go!! The food is really good. It is a true Japanese shabu shabu and sukiyaki. I am a BIG fan of shabu shabu, and I have been to so many places - you name it - and Little Tokyo Shabu Shabu (LTSS) in Rowland Heights is THE winner. In fact, so many people are talking about Shabu2 House in Little Tokyo, I personally think LTSS in Rowland Heights is better in all aspects. Better and very good quality of meat, better sauce, great service, great ambiance, and very reasonable price for the quality of food you get. The beef is very tender and juicy, seafood is very fresh and served with miso broth, and the sukiyaki is the bomb. I am going to LTSS at least 2x in a week, and this place is one of my top 5 favorite place to eat.

      1. I agree with both pei and lifenjoyer in some ways...true, the seafood is not a good selection, neither is the chicken, pork or lamb (even though I love lamb, but not in shabu shabu). You must go for the BEEF and their beef is excellent. So are their condiments, sesame, and ponzu. It is a bit pricey for the area (cannot compete with lobster special upstairs), but the service and ambiance more than makes up for it. Food just as good as the decor. Overall a great place to go, except for peak hours on the weekends.

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          xanderjoon, WHAT "lobster special upstairs? Where? At New Capital? Incidentally, has anyone been to New Capital since its remodeling? (Supposed to have been completed April 24)

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            New Capital used to run a lobster special for $0.99 per pound. I don't know if they still have that, haven't been there in a while. If I'm in that complex, I usually go for Shabu Shabu or Country Bistro for their Chilean Sea Bass, Chicken with Basil (San Pei Chi), and French Style Sauteed Beef Cubes.

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            since my last post I've been to Mizu 212 on Sawtelle (near 10 and 405) and like it much more than LTSS.


          3. I've only been to two shabu shabu places and Little Tokyo Shabu Shabu is a bit better in my book. Their sauces are much better in flavor than California Shabu Shabu in Fountain Valley, which has a citrus flavor in their sauces. I personally am not a fan since I want to load my sauces up with crushed garlic. The citrus and garlic flavors don't really mesh well in the sauce. Also, the service at LTSS is faster, friendlier, and cleaner. I would give two thumbs up for Little Tokyo Shabu Shabu.

            1. The shabu shabu IN Little Tokyo definitly surpasses the Rowland Heights one in flavor. But if you're looking for ambiance and cleaniless, the latter one is better. The best shabu shabu I've had so far is hands down, Kagaya.