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Mar 14, 2007 04:23 PM

Frozen custard in Bonney Lake

I'm sorry, I tried to search for this thread but couldn't find it for some reason. Someone mentioned a frozen custard place that is going to open in Bonney Lake in April. Do you remember the name and/or website? Thanks!

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    1. Old School Frozen Custard will be opening in late April/early May. It will be at the intersection of 212th and Hwy. 410 (across from McDonalds). We hope to update our website soon with more information. Meanwhile, tell your friends.

        1. re: goldbarsam

          The best tasting ice cream in puget sound,definitly worth the drive to Bonney Lake.

          1. re: debbiestrand

            I'll have to try the place out at some point when I'm in the area (I've got an aunt and uncle who live in Bonney Lake, so I'm down there every once in a while,) but I'm having trouble reading the menu page on the website ( because the image is being resized down too much by the website layout.

            1. re: Vexorg

              There's a link on the website for a printable version of the menu. If you click it, the menu is legible.

        2. I just have to give this place a shout-out. Old School Frozen Custard is the real deal and worth the drive from Seattle any day - but especially in this great, hot weather.

          1. Hot news flash: I have been informed by a very well placed source that the owners are currently negotiating a lease in the Capitol Hill/1st Hill area and the new store is slated to open by next spring . . .

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              Agreed that OS is a gem. As a native St. Louisan and brought up on Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, I can tell you that Old School has it figured out. This will save me a lot of gas mileage.